Slime Rancher – All Locations of Twinkle Slime (Wiggly Wonderland 2019)

This guide will contain the locations of twinkle slimes as updates day-by-day.

Twinkle Slime Locations in Wiggly Wonderland Event 2019

December 18

The first twinkle slime is located in the quarry.

December 19

In the Moss Blanket, see screenshot below. It is near the one way teleporter that gets you back to your ranch.

December 20

Just beside ancient door

December 21

In the Dry Reef. By the Hobson Letter Talking about his old tree on the main path of the Dry Reef and just behind the Tabby Gordo/Dry Reef Teleporter. Almost impossible to miss.

December 22

In Indigo Quary

December 23

In the Ancient Ruins. 

December 24

In the Moss Blanket.

December 25

In Indigo Quarry (You’ll want to look for a teleporter to get to this island).

December 26

In the Dry Reef:

December 27

In the Ancient Ruins:

December 28

In the Glass Desert near the middle of the map, next to the stairs leading to the Tangle Gordo (or teleporter, if you’ve already popped the Gordo).

December 29

Instantly in sight when dropping down the Entrance to the Moss Blanket:

Going counter-clockwise of the ring of Chimes surroung the Pool. The back side plays Beethoven’s Fur Elise (starts where the crosshair is in the pic above).

December 30

Just a bit outside your Ranch, before you can even see the Pink Gordo Island.

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