Slime Rancher – 7Zee Corp. Rewards

This guide will explain the rewards of the 7Zee corporation.

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I created this guide to show people what the 7Zee corp. will do to upgrade your ranch. these ranch upgrades range from slime toys to new slime science. You get a letter on day one, and the rewards are available on day seven (sorry 5 day challengers!).

The Rewards

In the program, there are 28 upgrades you can get, all of which go up in price from the previous level they are:

  • Initiate – 750 Newbucks – Roostro Weathervane

  • Pioneer I – 1,000 Newbucks – Fence Upgrade 
  • Pioneer II – 1,500 Newbucks – Path Upgrade 
  • Pioneer III – 2,000 Newbucks – Porch Upgrade

  • Skylark I – 2,500Newbucks – Chroma Station and Three chroma packs 
  • Skylark II – 3,000Newbucks – Arch Upgrade 
  • Skylark III – 3,500Newbucks – Three chroma packs

  • Rolling Beetle I – 4,000 Newbucks – Slime Toys Shop 
  • Rolling Beetle II – 4,500Newbucks – Two chroma packs
  • Rolling Beetle III – 5,000 Newbucks – Advanced Slime Toys 

  • Playful Fox I – 6,250 Newbucks – Three chroma packs – Market Link and Two chroma packs
  • Playful Fox II – 7,500 Newbucks – Grotto Upgrade 
  • Playful Fox III – 10,000 Newbucks – Two chroma packs

  • Silver Storm I – 15,000 Newbucks – Slime Trophy I 
  • Silver Storm II – 20,000 Newbucks – Two chroma packs
  • Silver Storm III – 25,000 Newbucks – Overgrowth Upgrade 

  • Dancing Mongoose I – 32,500 Newbucks – Two chroma packs
  • Dancing Mongoose II – 40,000 Newbucks – Slime Trophy II 
  • Dancing Mongoose III – 47,500 Newbucks – Ultra Dash Boots and Two chroma packs

  • EndlessMountain I – 60,000 Newbucks – Master Gordo Snare and Tank Booster Ultra
  • EndlessMountain II – 75,000 Newbucks – Heart Module Ultra and Two chroma packs
  • EndlessMountain III – 90,000 Newbucks – Lab Upgrade and Golden Sureshot

  • Wander Wolf I – 120,000 Newbucks – Titan Drill and Two chroma packs
  • Wander Wolf II – 150,000 Newbucks – Slime Trophy III and Abyssal Pump 
  • Wander Wolf III – 150,000 Newbucks – 2Royal Apiary

  • Golden Owl I 150,000 Newbucks – Docks Upgrade and Gold Slime Lamp 
  • Golden Owl II 150,000 Newbucks – Gold Warp Depot and Two chroma packs
  • Golden Owl III 150,000 Newbucks – Slime Trophy IV and Gold Teleporter

What are Chroma Packs?

Chroma packs are used to recolor your vacpack, tech (such as corral posts), and buildings (like your house). I added this info and some other info like this just for no confusion.

This is what they look like in the machine.

What are Slime Toys?

Slime toys are special objects buyable through the slime toy shop, located next to fence on the left side of the ranch. slime toys, similar to the music box, will keep slimes happy. one slime toy in general is a bit more useful than the rest. the rubber ducky (given to the water slime) will make them less shy, allowing up to 5 water slimes in a pond, instead of 4. here are the beach ball, rubiks cube, and rubber ducky:

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