Hades – Guide to the Furies

A guide about the three Furies in Hades, and tips on fighting them.

The Furies Guide


Megaera is the first Fury that you will encounter on your playthrough. Hell, her title is even “First of the Furies”. You can find her in the House of Hades from time to time, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. In my opinion, she’s fairly easy to beat. Feel free to scroll past this segment if you do not need tips on beating her.

Attack Pattern

Upon fighting her, Megaera has two attacks that she uses against you/Zagreus.

Lunge Meg charges directly at you. Can be easily avoided as long as you remember to dash.

Whip Whirl: Meg whirls a whip in a circle around her. Can also be avoided by dashing.

There is a brief delay in both of these attacks, providing a short window of time to deal damage. However, I believe that she is invulnerable while charging up Whip Whirl. You should be fine with attacking while she charges Lunge, so long as you face away from where she’s charging.

Once you get her to around 3/4 of her HP, she will start summoning enemies to help her, specifically thugs and witches. Megaera will summon more wretches for every quarter of her health taken. While summoning Wretches, she is impervious to damage.

After this point, she will gain access to one of two attacks.

  • Volley: Meg will fire several Cast-like shots at Zagreus, which are in a semi-circle around her. Can be avoided by dashing away and dodging the shot-things, and can also be Deflected back at her.
  • Flame: Meg creates several circles (which then explode into flames) near Zagreus, but can also be centered around her. As long as you stay out of the circles, you will be fine.


  • Dashing is going to be your best friend here. Many of Meg’s attacks can be avoided by dashing away from the area where she is attacking.
  • My recommendation for weapons would be something ranged, such as the Bow or Spear (I can’t remember their names). Casting works as well.
  • When she summons Wretches, kill them first. This is so they don’t get in the way.


Alecto is, canonically, the most feared amongst the Furies, and for good reason. However, she’s less of a threat once you know what to do.

Attack Pattern

Alecto, much like Meg, has a couple of attacks. Unlike Meg, however, she has a bar titled “Rage”. More on that later. For now, here’s the attacks Alecto starts the fight with.

  • Lunge: Similar to Megaera’s attack, where she charges towards Zagreus after a short pause. Can be avoided, as long as you dash.
  • Whip Arc: Similar to Meg’s Whip Whirl, but she attacks in an arc formation (like the title says).
  • Blood Volley: While charging up her Rage meter, Alecto will shoot red bolts all around the room, in a circle formation. She’s vulnerable to attack during this, so do as much damage as you can during this.
  • Lightning Chase: Alecto starts using this move at 75% HP. Circles form around where Zagreus is standing, which deal damage if he’s standing in one when they activate. Dash out of the affected area and you’ll be fine.
  • Whip Shot: Available at half-HP. Much like some of Ares’ boons, Alecto creates whirling spiky wheel-things, or Blade Rifts if you prefer. Bounce around the arena, and can hit you repeatedly. Dash away from them when you see them coming towards you.

She can also summon Louts, though only 1 or 2 at a time.

Rage and How It Works

As mentioned, Alecto has a Rage meter that fills up overtime, usually during her Blood Volley attack. Once this is filled, she becomes invulnerable to damage for a moment, then activates Rage. Her movement speed and attack increase, and all of her moves are unlocked, regardless of her current health. Lunge and Whip Arc now shoot out projectiles. Once the bar is depleted, everything goes back to normal.

Once she reaches around 25% HP, she will go into this state until you either kill her or die.


  • Don’t bother attacking her while Rage is active. Instead, wait for it to end. When she gets into Perma-Rage, damage her while she chases you around.
  • I use the Shield here (and I do most runs regardless), and it seems to be fairly affective. Melee attacks should be fine, as long as you’re careful.
  • Many of Alecto’s attacks leave her open to damage, so aim for these windows.
  • Her room has the most traps out of all three Furies. Do with that knowledge what you will.


Tisiphone is by far the hardest of the three, at least to me. Still, I’ll try to give some tips I compiled.

Attack Pattern

Tisiphone’s initial moveset is unique in that not only do all her attacks include her Whip, but she does not summon enemies to aid her.

  • Whip Combo: A mixture between Lunge and Whip Whirl. Tisiphone will charge towards you, then in a random direction, and finally use her whip around the area surrounding her.
  • Whip Lasso: She lashes her whip at Zagreus, stunning him if it hits. Then, much like Lunge, she’ll charge towards him, emitting projectiles outwards.
  • Lightning: Can become available at 75% or 50% HP. Much like her sisters, she will surround circles around you, which deal damage if you’re inside them. Dash away if possible.
  • Slow Beam: She shoots out a bunch of slow shots all around her.

For every quarter of health she loses, Tisiphone will shrink the arena you fight her in. While doing so, she becomes invulnerable to damage.


  • Tisiphone will usually only become available after defeating Alecto.
  • The room you fight her in has no traps or pillars, unlike Alecto and Meg. This way, you can focus solely on Tisiphone.
  • Casting will work very well, as you’re almost guarantee to hit her when the room is small enough. Ranged weapons may be a little hard to use, however.

Extreme Measures

Disclaimer: Most of the information in this section was provided by one Big_Bad_E, with only a few tweaks here and there. I haven’t gotten to this point yet, so this section will be a work-in-progress for a while. This section may also contain spoilers for Hades’ postgame. Please be aware of that.

That being said, let’s begin.


Once you enable Extreme Measures from the Pact of Punishment, the other Furies will assist whichever one you’re fighting on that run. Usually only one of them will help out (whichever one assists is randomized; you may have Alecto and Meg on one run and Meg and Tisiphone on the next, for example). However, there’s a chance for all three sisters to be present.


  • Megaera: Shows a pink circle, then does an AOE whip whirl in that area (Wiki shows something else, but I’m pretty sure it’s her whip attack (Someone else confirm)). When the main fury is at <50% health, she also uses a firey column summoned near Zagreus, which shoots out “Blood Volley”-esque shots in a pentagon shape.
  • Alecto: Summons a blade rift and uses multiple lightning circles on Zagreus.
  • Tisiphone: Summons multiple columns of lightning AOE attacks. It starts away from Zagreus, moving toward him one column at a time, with a total of three columns about 8 small circles long.

Can also cover the battlefield in a dark greenish fog, making it hard to see anything (the boss is barely visible).

  • Tisiphone only shrinks the area at <66% and <33% (for a total of two shrinks instead of three like in her usual fight). Her “slow beam” isn’t a beam, it spirals around her, similar to Alecto’s “Blood Volley”.
  • Alecto’s rage meter can be depleted before it hits full (if above 25% hp) by attacking her during her “Blood Volley” move.
  • Meg is not invulnerable while charging “Whip Whirl” (confirmed with Heart Seeking Bow + Chiron aspect still seeking her while charging; it won’t seek invincible enemies and dealt damage), and a well timed dash (same timing as Hades and Theseus) can result in a near miss. This is easily the best time for damage for melee against Meg (and good practice!).

Other Tips/Facts

  • Megaera is the only Fury that will appear in the House of Hades, and is the only one that can be gifted Nectar or Ambrosia. The canonical reason, at least according to the Codex, for Alecto not being in the House is that she was banned due to “profane acts of insubordination”. Tisiphone’s reason is unknown.

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