Graveyard Keeper – Beatrice’s Offer: What to Choose (Game of Crone DLC)

There are 3 possible endings – and 3 perks – to choose from in Game of Crone DLC. This guide will list all of possible outcomes and how to get there. Warning – spoilers!

Guide to Beatrice’s Offer: What to Choose

How to Get There

So you’ve been improving refugees’ camp, learning some dark secrets from the past along the way, and now your task is to build a watch tower:

After you drop it down you still can do other things that you want to finish before getting to the last part of the storyline. But be careful! This right here is the last point where you can save:

This is a point of no return, so go to bed and sleep before finishing construction.

This is also a point where you want to copy your save files to a safe location just in case you want to change your decision later, or screw up somewhere, or just want to play through all the options yourself.

After you’re done with hammering at your pile of materials – cutscene will trigger, and as soon as you get to your home (no matter if you walk there or teleport) – another one.

And here it is – the moment of truth:

So… what do you do now?

The Sad Ending

Tell Lady Beatrice that you will work for her:

After she lets you go – betray her and talk to Koukol:

After some more dialog choices (and some of them are quite interesting to watch) you’ll come to this point:

You can stall and finish whatever business you have there but eventually you will have no choice but let them go. The refugees leave the camp… Inconvenient, isn’t it?

After that, comes next Pride day, go to church and do your prayer and collect donations. You will get a note there – read it:

You get the theology perk:

How useful is it?

In my test with a max church rating and Prayer for faith it was 52 base +81 bonus without perk and 68 base + 105 bonus after getting Eloquence (so +40 faith total at most). I also did testing with different ratings and sermons.

From my estimation it adds about 30% to the faith you get.

You do need a lot of faith, it is your limiter for a lot of stuff, but is it worth losing other bonuses from your refugees?

The Right Choice

Stand your ground and do what’s right. Refuse to help her:

After you wake up at your home go and talk to Koukol (same as in the first scenario), but this time you have an additional option down the dialog line (other 2 are just the same as before):

Of course, he won’t help you for free (and if you refuse to pay it will be a sad ending again):

So you bribe Koukol. Spend the next day however you like and meet him again next night. Finishing the dialog with him will trigger another cutscene:

After that is done, go and talk to Teodoro. The refugees rejoice and stay:

Talk to Master Alaric after that and get your new perk:

How useful is it?

Your energy will be replenishing constantly so you don’t need to eat or sleep anymore.

Nice perk to have, really convenient.

Plus the refugees are still here with their bonuses.

And you have also made a morally right choice – so you can be proud of yourself.

The Dark Side

You are a coward. Or just a smart and reasonable person. So you agree to help her and learn how to make a new potion:

Go to the brewing stand and make a batch (if you don’t have a needed ingredient – buy it from Clotho), then go to Mountain Fort and give it to the guard. Don’t forget the right password!

And if you think that will be a one-time deal – think again:

After cutscene ends, go and talk to Teodoro and get your rewards.

After that – go to the morgue, there’s a surprise waiting for you:

Read the note and get your new perk:

But that’s not all!

You also have an option to talk to Master Alaric and get a second perk – same as in previous scenario.

So now you have 2 perks:

How useful are they?

  • You get a small bonus to your crafting which comes in handy when you’re making books or carvings.
  • Plus your energy regenerates.
  • Plus the refugees are safe (at least for now).
  • You are an accomplice though – everything comes with a price.
  • And this game kind of dark anyway.
  • And the world is cruel.

Saves, Contributions, etc.

  • Q: “Ok, all that is nice but I’ve screwed my save already! What do I do now?”
  • A: There are methods to restore your previous save if you didn’t proceed too far yet. Look it up. Or you can use my saves and finish the game however you like (or don’t):

Warning – a lot of things left to finish!

  • Q: “How long does it take to go through all 3 endings?”
  • A: Considering you have to reload the game and go through multiple dialogs again and again… An hour or so. I did some testing (and a lot of screenshots) so it took me longer. Plus English is my second language and sometimes I need a bit of extra time to read (and understand) something. Maybe on average it will take about 10-15 minutes per scenario, give or take.
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  1. Fun fact: If you make the refugees leave you can still use the farms with zombies. Also, the honey still flows. You just lose the auto cooking. Not an awful deal.

  2. Hey, thanks for the guide.
    I have taken the dark ending, but I would like to restore my previous saves since I haven’t proceeded too far.

  3. I’d just rather gain energy by eating and sleeping, the constant energy regeneration is not fun for me. I tried sleeping, checking the morgue on the next day, but still got no corpses or the note. I guess I’ll have to live without Industriousness then, thanks for the help anyways. And good job on this guide in general, you’ve surely helped a lot of people out!

  4. Hi, great guide, quick question; do the endings have separate achievements? Can I just choose one based on the information here or do I need to use back up saves for different achievements?

    • At the moment – no, you get achievements no matter what ending you pick, because refugees are either staying – protected by you – or running away, but they are safe either way.
      But you would want to keep a save in case you don’t like your choice or something. I recommend keeping a back-up anyway – this game has glitches.

  5. Just thought I point out:
    1) The sad ending (Help B; Speak with K; Eloquence Perk; refugees leave)
    2) The right choice (Decline B; speak with K; Industrous Perk; refugees stay)
    3) The dark side (Help B; Give B her stuff; Persistence Perk; refugees stay)

    I didn’t wait to confirm (1)’s perk, but it should be accurate.
    I tried twice and confirmed (3).
    There are some issues with my saved game so I can’t test (2).

  6. I think the dark side would lead you to sad ending as well, if the morgue is the last one of it.
    you can still talk to Koukol and all the things are same as the sad ending.

  7. Just 1 minor thing with “The Dark Side” path.. I did not have the bodies show up in the morgue until *after* I had spoken with Alaric and received the persistence perk.

  8. Hi, sorry if somebody suggested it and I just missed that, but there is a way to save the game AFTER you build the tower – just go sleep in the cabin by the quarry.

    Also, thanks a bunch for this guide, I was curious about all the endings and you saved me some time 🙂

  9. nice and thanks, i was bummed out that the gamepedia article said that they don’t know how to get the Industriousness perk. So to get the best perks you have to go with the worst ending ? well that sucks.

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