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Hellpoint - How to Obtain Strangest Thing Achievement

Written by HarDꓓieseL   /   Nov 24, 2020    

Information about unlocking achievement named Strangest Thing.

Strangest Thing Achievement Guide


Strangest Thing achievement is awarded for summoning pet-beast, miniature version of lion-like Beasts that you can find throughout Irid Novo.

This is achieved via Twitch.

Step by Step

  • Install Twitch and log on to your account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and activate "online" slider.
  • Open your Steam profile and start Hellpoint.
  • Enter Hellpoint's settings option and go to Twitch tab. There is only one option, to link your Twitch profile, activate it.
  • You should be asked for verification - approve.
  • Load your Hellpoint saved game, check that you are actually online.
  • While your game is in progress, go back to your Twitch account. Click again on your profile icon and choose Creator Dashboard option.
  • On the right side you will have plenty options, choose Stream Manager. At this point you should be able to see that you are followed by user IridNovo, which is basically a Hellpoint chatbot.
  • You can edit Stream Info on the right to add the title, which i did, but i doubt that is necessary.

  • Have a look at the middle section with a big window. Take a note that your status in this window is "offline". It does not matter at all, are you actually streaming or not. Just leave it this way.You can click on the tiny "play" button in lower left corner of the mid window, which I did, but I doubt that is necessary too.
  • Go to the My Chat window and type !vote

This command will start the vote between three options, that alter the gameplay experience in some way.When vote countdown starts, you will have sixty seconds to choose and vote, what kind of add-on effect you wish to implement. You cast the vote by typing !v1 !v2 or !v3 for offered options.

  • Keep choosing different effects, until you are offered "Spawn the tinyBeast" effect.

Make sure you vote for it, as this one can be somewhat rare.I played through different effects for almost an hour before getting that particular option.

  • When the countdown ends, your new friend will be spawned and you will be awarded precious Steam Achievement.

Note that tinyBeast doesn't participate in combat or does anything useful.It just follows you around, yawning occasionally. If you run away from him, or use some elevators, it will spawn again right next to you, once you get a solid ground. It's gone when you die, however there is no timer related to this effect, so you can fancy tinyBeast as long as you wish.

Written by HarDꓓieseL.

Game:   Hellpoint