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There are ten neighborhoods around Chicago from which you can build your empire of sin. You will start the game in any one of these neighborhoods and begin wheeling and dealing from there.

Neighborhood Bonus

Each neighborhood has its own unique bonuses that affect your rackets in that neighborhood.


  • +10% Racket average spend    
  • +10% Racket upgrade costs

South Loop

  • −5% Racket upgrade time    
  • −5% Racket Word of Mouth upgrade cost

Near South Side    

  • −1 Notoriety and prosperity effects for Kills (minimum of 1)    
  • −5% Racket deflect upgrades time & cost


  • +5% Casino average spend    
  • −5% Racket ambience upgrade cost

East Pilsen    

  • −10% Brewery quality upgrade cost    
  • +5% Speakeasy average spend

Little Italy

  • −5% New racket setup cost    
  • −5% Racket deflect upgrade time

West Loop Gate

  • −5% Cost to hurry racket upgrades    
  • −5% Racket deflect upgrade cost

Fulton Market

  • −5% Brewery storage upgrade cost    
  • −5% Racket security upgrade

Near North Side    

  • +15% Racket average spend    
  • +1 Notoriety and prosperity effects for Kills

Municipal Pier

  • −5% Brothel ambience upgrade cost    
  • +5% Brothel average spend

Badass Bonus

Build yourself a nice neighborhood racket and as sure as you’ll have customers, you’ll have rivals coming to raid or attack your place of business. Every cloud has a silver lining though, each raid is a chance to build the resilience of your racket and its people.

The Badass bonus means that for every raid you fight off, those defending your racket become more resilient to both raids by other gangs, and law enforcement. After fighting off one raid, your guard decides they need a shotgun. After surviving five, they’ve moved onto live explosive rounds.


Synergies are a neighborhood specific bonus that grant you bonuses for having certain combinations of rackets. These bonuses increase revenues for those rackets by a certain percentage. They are based on poker hands:

  • Straight: One of every kind of racket – brothel, speakeasy, casino, and brewery. +10%.
  • Full House: Three of one kind of racket and two of another kind. +7.5%.
  • Three of a Kind: Three of the same type of racket. +5%.
  • Two Pair: Two pairs of different kinds of rackets (for example, two brothels and two casinos). +2.5%.
  • Five of a Kind: Five types of the same racket. +12.5%.

Rackets can only count towards one synergy at a time. A Hotel in a neighborhood will double your synergy bonuses.

Neighborhood Profiles

Before you think about stamping your boot on any old turf, it’s probably a good idea to know what you’re getting yourself in for. To find out which neighborhoods will fold to your rule easiest, so to speak. Zooming out a few clicks on the World Map will bring up a small profile on each neighborhood. From here you can see the following:


Each neighborhood is more colourful and diverse than the last. Locals have different preferences and interests, be it gambling, drinking, or they may be loose or tight with their cash, depending on the establishment. The green plus icon shows you the different bonuses that can be gained from venturing into a specific neighborhood. It may be cheaper to open a casino in one neighborhood, but there may be a better spending average in another.

Safe House

The safehouse icon lets you know if you have a safehouse in the neighborhood to escape to if things get a little heated. This icon is illuminated when you have a safehouse in the area.

Points of Interest

This icon lets you know if there are any active points of interest in this neighborhood. These can represent mission goals and NPCs that want to talk to you.

Neighborhood Owner

The neighborhood owner shows who the biggest fish in the neighborhood is. If there is none, that means the spot is up for grabs. Although, the same can be said if there is a local Kingpin and you’ve got ambition. Better get shooting.


Pretty simply, this shows how affluent or run down a neighborhood is. Prosperity will affect the number of customers you get into your rackets. The more prosperous the neighborhood, the higher the average spend of a customer is. There are five levels to a neighborhood’s prosperity and each level has a preferred alcohol type from swill all the way to whisky. When a neighborhood moves up a prosperity level you will be notified and for a period of one month, you have the bonus of supplying both the old and new types of alcohol to your customers.


This shows the type of liquor that is preferred in a given neighborhood, be it swill, rack or premium. This is directly influenced by the prosperity of the area. The better you can cater for the preferred choice of the customers in the neighborhood, the better your chances of them filling out your rackets.

Customer Shares

These are the amount of customers shared between you and your rivals. Your share is marked in green, others’ share is shown in gray. The dark portion shows the amount of customers that are up for grabs. The amount of customers in each neighborhood increases over the course of the game, up to a total of 25% by the end of the game’s ten-year run-time.

Earning Share

This shows how earnings are being divided up between you and your competitors. Given that your share is again shown in green, the more you see the better.

Rackets Share

Shows how many of the rackets in this part of the city are yours, your competitors, and how many are up for grabs.

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