Haydee 2 – All Magnet Locations

A quick guide showing the locations of all 30 magnets on the maps, as well as brief descriptions for how to get them.

Color Coding

As was pointed out to me in the comments (thank you Reaver), some of the magnets (specifically one in each zone) are exclusive to one of the two difficulty modes, meaning that at least two playthroughs are necessary to collect them all. Therefore, the following colored borders around the magnets will be used on these maps to signify which mode they can be found in:

  • White magnets can be collected in any difficulty setting.
  • Green magnets can only be found in softcore mode.
  • Red magnets can only be found in hardcore mode.


  • Lobby (area west of Reception): Enter the lobby through the middle door, straight from the door to the save room. The magnet is on the desk in this small booth.
  • [Hardcore Only] Archive: The magnet is in the corner of one of the monitors on the desk by the window.
  • Hallway: In the hallway between Accounting and Personnel, the magnet is on the middle pillar-like structure on the north wall, partly obstructed by a plant.
  • Accounting: The magnet is on the whiteboard next to the south-east desk.
  • Break Room: The magnet is on the fridge.


  • Packing: The magnet is on the slumped Creeper’s chest, underneath the packing cases on the far side from the entrance.
  • Utility: The magnet is on one of the boxes on the shelf in the small room that’s only accessible using the clicker remote.
  • QA (Quality): The magnet is on one of the boxes on the shelf behind the couch.
  • Robotics: When you enter the room, the magnet is on the side of the left server rack.

  • [Softcore Only] This magnet can only been collected once you are able to unlock and operate the manual override levers. It is in a grated off room behind a laser passage, the same room containing the Flak.


  • Apartments: This magnet can be found in the Administrative appartment (top floor, green lock). It is attached to the fridge.
  • Vents: This magnet can be found in the tunnel accessible through the vent shafts in the Security Appartment and the Toilet. It’s on a box underneath the catwalk.
  • Hallway: The magnet is attached to the map of the Habitat area in the main hallway that you enter from Administrative.
  • [Softcore Only] Storage: The magnet is on a box on a shelf right next to the big door leading out of the Storage area.
  • Strip-bar: The magnet is on the fridge behind the bar counter.


  • Quarantine: The magnet is attached to the thin wall separating the two beds.
  • Hallway (1): In the hallway from which you can enter both the Morgue and the Quarantine, the magnet is on a box underneath a supply cart right next to the Quarantine door.
  • Hallway (2): In the hallway right by the door leading to the Habitat’s staircase, the magnet is on the floor, by some cans and a knocked over bin next to the couch.
  • [Hardcore Only] Rehab: The magnet is on the large whiteboard.

  • Research: This magnet is well hidden on the medical bed, on the side facing away from the door. It’s attached to the topmost circular joint.


  • Barracks: The magnet is on the far wall, behind the second bunk bed from the left.
  • Gym: The magnet is on the switchboard next to the small door leading to the south hallway.
  • Duty room: The magnet is on the fridge.

  • [Hardcore Only] Flight control: The magnet is on the whiteboard.
  • Mainframe: The magnet is attached to the “Knocking Dad” poster on the side of a vending machine.


  • [Softcore Only] Depot: The magnet is on the fridge by the vending machines.
  • Gym: Only obtainable after you have found the laser cutter. From the incinerator room, cut your way through a hidden panel under the pipes next to the entrance, and make your way through the vent shaft to reach the blocked of area of this room and find the magnet on the desk.
  • In the dark corner next to the entrance to the stairs leading to Medical, crawl underneath the containers into a hidden space. The magnet is attached to the container on the other side, and there’s a briefcase here as well.

There are no magnets in Technical L2.

  • Hallway: In the small area behind a grate, which you can open with the button next to it after restarting the anchor and restoring power. The magnet is on top of a barrel next to the shelf.
  • Missable: The magnet is on a whiteboard in the corner of the small walkway leading to the core. Be sure to collect it before restarting the anchor, as the door to this room will become locked when you do so.
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