Mirror – Hell Hath no Fury Achievement

Rage reaches 200 in a single battle…

Hell Hath no Fury Achievement Guide


Before we start, you must prepare for the battle.

  • Complete the game for unlock challenge mode.
  • Upgrade you rage to level maximum.

Unlock super gem skill Hot Blood.

  • Hot Blood: Recieve 100% healing and Increase rage by 50%, last 5 round (Super gem skill)

Unlock Active skills: Flame Pepper, Hourglass and Diamond.

  • Flame Pepper: Increases rege by 20%
  • Hourglass: Give you another 15 turns
  • Diamond: generate a glass S gem in designated area

Setup your skills on the left and Second Important on the right like this.

Get Achievements

  • Play in Challenge Mode or Normal mode (but fight with Martha).
  • Focus on getting rage 100% as fast as you can.
  • Using Fire Pepper to make the Rage (increases Rage by 20%), you can buy Fire Pepper with 1300 points.
  • Using Diamond and focus on getting 3 Diamond. you can buy diamond with 2000 points.
  • If your turn has reached 40 or 45 you can use Hourglass for get another 15 turns.
  • And if your heal is reduced, you can use healing Potion for restore 1200 HP.
  • If Your rage 100% and you get 3 diamond, You can arrange them in parallel for get rage 200%.


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