Cyberpunk 2077 – Farm Legendaries from Chests

Want to turn almost every chest into a legendary chest? It is possible in just a few steps. If the chest can contain a legendary item, it will be yours.

Step #1 – Find The Chest

Not every chest can generate a legendary item, so you will have to locate it first. Those in the picture are likely to generate legendaries, but it may not work every time. Also, there are other kinds of chests, it’s not only these three.

If you have doubts about any chest, just try to generate a legendary.

Do not open the chest!

While checking its contents is ok, make sure you don’t pick anything up from it. You may clear the area, loot anything unrelated to the chest…; just don’t touch the chest.

Where can I find these chests easily?

Almost every area where you can perform a job has one (or even more), most of them containing fixed items.

Step #2 – Get To Farming

You want to get a legendary, and you want it to have as many mod slots as possible, that is your goal. In order to do that:

  • Save the game in front of the chest.
  • Reload your game until you get what you want
  • Pick up the item and save.

An alternative way involves saving in a different file every time you get something worthy, so you can load that save if you want to end the process.


Epic items (Top) have been turned into Legendary items (Bottom).

For clothing you want something close to 4 slots.

For weapons, you may want to pick them up and check full stats. Also notice how that silencer stayed the same in this case.


  • You can only save an item by picking it up, if you leave it inside the chest it will be lost after you reload the save.
  • If you already got a legendary you can still get a better one, keep trying!
  • Autosaves also work, feel free to use them if your game decides to help you farming.
  • You may want to leave chests unopened until you have a higher level if you want better items.
  • This should apply to enemies as long as they are alive, but i find chests much more reliable.

Step #3 – Enjoy Your Loot

You can now generate legendaries without being lucky or having the blueprints. Make a good use of this ability and have fun.

Written by [SAK*]KING_OF_SA

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