Subnautica – How to Defeat Reapers with the Prawn Suit (Easy Method)

Tired of Reapers disrupting your scenic trip around the Aurora? Get rid of them with just a Prawn Suit, a grapple arm, and nerves of steel.

Guide to Kill Reapers with the Prawn Suit

All credit goes to Enine!

Intro and Requirements

Reaper Leviathans, while scary at first, tend to be more of an annoyance than a threat in the later stages of the game. Leviathans, unlike other fauna in the game, don’t respawn if killed, so you can actually exterminate all of the Reapers in the world (if you have a few hours to burn of course.) Most Subnautica players kill the Reapers using their stasis rifle and heat blade, however this strategy is significantly more dangerous and tedious than fighting from the safety of the Prawn.

In order to make the Reaper genocide as fast as possible, here’s what you will need:

  • A Prawn Suit.
  • Prawn grapple attachment.
  • Repair tool (reccomended).
  • Prawn drill attachment (optional).
  • Reinforced Dive Suit (optional).


Before you go after the Reaper, make sure that your Prawn has a decent battery charge and full health. I would also recommend keeping a repair tool ready in case things don’t go as planned.

Your location should be some distance away from your other vehicles or bases since Reapers can damage them. You can be dragged very far while grappling a Reaper, so better safe than sorry. Try to stay away from other Reaper spawns in order to make the fight easier. You don’t have to worry about other hostile creatures because you will usually be going too fast for them to pose a real threat.

If you’d like to get tactical in your approach, shows the spawn locations of Reaper and Ghost Leviathans and can help if you get dragged far and lose your bearing.


When you are ready, approach a Reaper spawn. Try to keep it in your line of sight at all times, since Reapers usually try to attack the player from behind. When you get charged, dodge out of the way of it’s face and grapple on to the area behind its appendages. This is very important, since the Reaper can only attack you if you are in front of it. If you miss and grapple on to its front, just let go and wait for it to come back at you.

Once you have a good grapple, you will start being towed by the Reaper. They travel a lot faster and more erratically than the Prawn does, so try your best to dodge terrain and get hits on it.

When attacking, try to aim for either the Reaper’s head or the area behind its head. Attacking the tail doesn’t deal damage, so ignore it. Be careful when attacking the face, as their attacks can do up to 25% damage to your Prawn.

If your Prawn gets down to low health, you can quickly jump out and use your repair tool on it. Usually the Reaper won’t attack you for a few seconds once you get out so you will be (mostly) safe. If you are worried about getting hurt or you will be spending a lot of time outside of the safety of the Prawn, wearing a Reinforced Dive Suit will reduce the damage taken from the Reaper’s attacks by half.

After a while of punching or drilling, the Reaper should die. Congrats! you can now travel in its spawn location without fear of being eaten and maybe get a good up-close picture.

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