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CarX Drift Racing Online - How to Obtain #OnwardToVictory Achievement

Written by Syntax   /   Jan 6, 2021    

#OnwardToVictory Achievement Guide

Car Selection

Maybe you know or not, You don't have to get gold at every track with the same car, it can be different cars which makes it easier getting this achievement.

I used Hornet GT for this, and with this car you can get a lot of point's without trying hard.

I also use Racing setup because with this setup it's not easy to lose your angle and thanks to this you can keep your score x5 all the time (I'll talk about later).

For car Settings, You can use default, no additional config is need.

5x Score Multiplier Is Great

This is an easy way to get this achievement, if you don't wanna try it or get it in this way, please don't use this guide.

Score Multiplier

You already know that how this game's score system works, If you have 5x score multiplier you will get 500 point for every Awesome angle.

With this car and this setup you can easily do Awesome angels, Because of it's setup it won't turn around, or you won't lose control of it.

While driving just keep doing angels, You should use hand brake for fast getting straight.

About Trophy

A Note from Web

This trophy unlocks after getting a gold cup on every available track in singe player. Because of the fact that two reversed versions of the last few tracks unlock at level 24, this trophy is unobtainable until you reach level 24.

You don't have to get gold cups on all tracks with the same car and the same setup. It will count across all possible combinations of car+setup you already played. Also, you don't have to get gold cups on all tracks both in drift events and time trials. Getting a gold cup on every track in drift events will pop this trophy.

DLCS You Need

Only These 4 DLC is enough to get this achievement.

You can buy them with discount, They have reasonable price.

Written by Syntax.