Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Multibody Pivot Propulsion (Glitch)

Guide to Multibody Pivot Propulsion


In this guide I will be showing you how to do a propulsion glitch using multibody pivots. This glitch does consume some Swatts (Stormworks electricity) but this is about 0.0006 per dent in the road. Yes, you heard that correctly, dents in the road. There are no engines or motors involved, everything is done by pivots. You would technically only need 1 pivot, 3 wheels, 1 small battery and as many (weight) blocks as you would like, depends on how strong you want the effect to be. I am sorry if I am a 0 off about that 0.0006 number, I actually don’t exactly remember how many 0s there were behind the dot. It is very, very battery friendly anyhow so it wouldn’t really matter.

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What is multibody pivot propulsion?

Multibody pivot propulsion, in this guide also refered to as MPP, is when a vehicle is going forward by the motion of a (multibody) pivot. This can be done in any way, shape or form, as long as the primary body (of the vehicle) is going away from its former position by a foreign body that is powered by a pivot. As of right now all pivots are multibody pivots so this guide also referes to them as pivots. The picture beneath of the jet, is a perfect example of how MPP can ruin your vehicle. It will slide to side or do weird things and generally does exactly what you don’t want it to do: moving while not doing anything.

Your creation has 4 wheels and a ski, how is that true MPP?

My creation is still directly being powered by pivots, the wheels on the pivot body are part of the foreign body and are only creating less friction so you can see the effect better. The ski is there so the ground doesn’t damage the weight blocks in the front when the primary body leans forward. The small wheels in the rear are there so you can actually steer the vehicle.

How fast can you go with it?

The highest recorded speed is currently 63 M/S or 226 KPH or 140 MPH. This was recorded when the vehicle was not optimised for this and will now probably be higher.

How do you make a creation powered by MPP?

Just copy my creation. You have full permission to copy it. You can use it, edit it, rip it, as long as my name is stated somewhere in the credits. Things I focussed on are:

  • Balance: your creation should lean in the same direction the foreign body is pointed.
  • Weight: the more weight is on the pivot, the stronger the effect will be (as long as the pivot can hold the weight), but the harder it can become to properly steer and balance it
  • Symmetry: in order for your creation to go forward it should be pretty well balanced, if your left side is heavy, it will lean towards that side and slide towards that side, the same goes for the right side
  • Friction surface: wheels are the best way of avoiding as much friction as you can. There is also a very big difference in if you use speed, mixed or grip tires.

  • You can download my creation by clicking here.

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