Satisfactory – How to Make Stairs

This is an overly explained step by step guide on how i have found to make relatively easy foundation based stairs in satisfactory.

Guide on Making Stairs

All credit goes to Nellioso!

Step 1

  • Aim at the second snap point in from the back of the foundation with a beam (note this guide works best with 1m foundations).

Step 2

  • Drag and place the beam across the foundation.

Step 3

  • Grab a foundation frame and place it on the beam (aim roughly at the center of the beams side).

Step 4

  • Place a catwalk level with the top of the foundation frame.

Step 5

  • Place a 1m foundation on lined up with the top and inner side of the catwalk.

Step 6

  • Place another foundation snapped to the inner side of the foundation from step 5.

Step 7

  • Place another foundation on the back of the foundation from step 6, this foundation will be the step of the stair.

Step 8

  • Remove all placeholder pieces and leave the step 7 foundation in place.

Step 9

  • Repeat (optional).

Step 10


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