Satisfactory – Useful Tips and Tricks

Please note: all credit goes to Verios44!

Here you can find some useful general tips for beginners and expierenced players.

Tips and Tricks List

  1. Take your time. Do not rush progress. Learn how the different production processes work. Late game production can be quite complex.
  2. Build up! Take advantage that you can build vertically.
  3. From sea level, you can build appx 800m up before hitting the death ceiling. You can also build appx 200m down into the void.
  4. The void is the common name for the endless pit you see on the edges of the map, and a few areas in the middle.
  5. Your bottlenecks in the game are belts and pipes.
  6. Belts are rated by items moved per minute, the tiers are 60 / 120 / 270 / 480 / 780 items per minute.
  7. Pipes have a maximum flow rate of 300m3 a minute. There are no higher tiers at this time.
  8. Pipes are effected by gravity. A machine such as a water extractor has a 10m headlift.
  9. Headlift is how much a machine can push liquids vertically.
  10. Pumps can be used to help with headlift. A single pump can add 20m headlift.
  11. Pumps also act as one-way valves.
  12. If you route your pipes downhill, you can get around headlift altogether up to where the pipe begins to go downhill.
  13. The simplest way to construct chains of machines is by use of the manifold system.
  14. A manifold is a set of machines in a single, straight line. With the use of splitters, mergers, or pipe junctions, simply take one belt or pipe and branch it off in series. The only downside is that it can take a while for the system to become 100% efficient. This is because each machine in the line needs to fill its internal storage. This system is also commonly known as overflow. This allows easy expansion.
  15. Overflow splitter mode, found in smart and programmable splitters can be used to siphon off excess resources to another production chain, or an AWESOME Sink.
  16. You can also balance your factories using a more traditional balancer, the only downside is that you have to figure out the balance ratio and it can use more room. Its also hard to expand.
  17. Exploration is quite important. You will want to find crash sites and power slugs.
  18. Crash sites give you a hard drive. In your M.A.M, you can research that hard drive an discover an alternate recipe. You get 3 random choices per hard drove and you may select one at once. There are currently more hard drives on the map than alternate recipes.
  19. Power slugs can be processed into power shards, which allow you to overclock your buildings.
  20. Do not be afraid to dismantle and try again!
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