Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Transfer Arthur’s Money to John (Using Aberdeen Pig Farm)

Transfering Money Guide


After Arthur’s death, John has to start from scratch. But there’s a way to get Arthur’s money back.

  1. Make sure you finished the mission: ‘My Last Boy’ (the death of Eagle Flies).
  2. Go to the Aberdeen Pig Farm as Arthur, with the not at all creepy incestuous siblings.
  3. Accept the drink, (or the food sample if it’s your second visit) and find yourself in the mud pit with zero money.
  4. Return to the house and kill them both.
  5. The money is stored behind the ‘mom’ painting directly at the front door.
  6. Don’t retrieve it, but leave it for John to pick up later.
  7. Then start the mission: ‘Our Best Selves’ in Beaver Hollow.
  8. So then you’re robbing a train, Arthur dies and John rides his wagon to Pronghorn Ranch.
  9. After that, return to the Aberdeen Pig Farm and retrieve the money from behind the painting.

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