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Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game - How to Get Artifacts

Written by Nelson Toasty   /   Feb 7, 2021    

Guide to Get Artifacts


The Lore is important read it!

In "Neighbor's Garden" & "Space" you'll find clues for the first two artifacts.

  • Once you get the first two getting the rest is a matter of waiting.
  • The artifacts spawn like leaves but don't move, just hover over them to pick em up.
  • There is a 10 second window to pick up the artifacts.
  • All but the first two artifacts are consumable.

Unlock Artifacts

  • Unlock in BLC Shop.

The Compass

  • Just sit in the Neighbor's Garden.
  • This will tell you where artifacts spawn.
  • Non-Consumable.

Time Crystal

  • Sit In Space.
  • This will tell you when other artifacts spawn.
  • Non-Consumable.

Blazing Skull

  • Spawns in the Void.
  • Spawns 5 Enemies at once.
  • Consumable.

Enchanted Fruit

  • Spawns in Home Garden.
  • Spawns 20 Fruits.
  • Consumable.

Orb Of BLC

  • Spawns in The Volcano.
  • Gain 5% of you current BLC.
  • Consumable.

Strange Seed Bag

  • Spawns in The Mythical Garden.
  • Spawns 3 random seeds.
  • Consumable.

Written by Nelson Toasty.