Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Beginners Guide

From throwing your average leaves off of your lawn to using a Jet Engine to blow leaves into your enemies for celestial rewards, this guide can help you be the greatest yard-cleaner that ever was.

The First Yard

Its Autumn, the leaves are falling, your partner asks you to clean the yard, this is the beginning of your expedition to greatness, now then, let’s get started with removing those pesky leaves.

Move your mouse around, after long enough, you can get your first upgrade (Ignore the BLC, those are from a later part of the tutorial).

Your best bet is to save up to about 100-200 regular leaves, then spend it all on trees, afterwards, do the same thing on fertilizer. Waste a few minutes grinding and unlock yourself the better rakes, they are more efficient at getting leaves off of your lawn.

Once you have the big rake, go for around 1-2k leaves and splurge on the ALBs, they are very good for when you are AFK, which is something you will be doing a lot. (I splurged and made my leaf blowers be leaves, their default skin does not look like this).

Now then, that nuclear fuel seems very enticing, but wait to buy it, it only is good when you have more difficult leaves to clear, like the gold ones, which you should get right when you can afford it. Make sure you buy the leaf portal, this is required for future progress. Once you have it, avoid doing the prestige, you want to have at least 100 gold coins saved-up. (Or in my case, 1.2K because of a previous prestiege, lol)

Congrats, you have prestiged, just repeat the steps for the green leaves and gold leaves, but this time, do not prestige, instead, keep grinding and buy the next area, to unlock platinum leaves.

The Garden and the Void

So, your neighbor’s garden has some fertile soil, which can nurture a new kind of leaf; the platinum leaf, this is where going AFK is going to really help yourself, buy the auto trees, leaves, fertilizer, ALB, and leaf unlock upgrades from the coin shop, if you have been greedy with your prestiege. (I might have accidentally bought the auto-nuclear fuel as well).

Now then, unlike your yard, the neighbors have some pesky boss animals, ignore them for now, as you won’t be able to deal any harm to them until way later. Just slowly work on getting those special platinum leaves, for a better leaf-blower. A good idea for this point if you are going to go afk is to get that leaf combo with your extra gold leaves.

Maybe you accidentally prestiged without enough coins in your balance, wait till around 500 coins and try to unlock the rest of the areas, a good idea is to go as far as the void so you can be prepared to unlock a lot of the other leaves faster.

At this point, you should now have the bismuth leaves, this category of leaves has something cruical to getting some better damage to those bosses, ALB hit damage and ALB enemy bumpers, so now your roombas can clear away more than leaves.

Guess it is time to talk about the flasks (ooo, very spooky).

Conversion and Flasks

Ah, the longest part in your venture, flasks. might as well make sure you have a lot of void leaves on-hand, otherwise, you are going nowhere. A lot of these flasks can bring some good upgrades to the table, such as better leaf blowers or more efficient converters. It is imperative that you have converter resources full, converter count at least at 7/10, and converter output at around 25/100.

This is a LONG grindfest, so make sure you go ahead and make yourself a nice snack and stare at your flask levels. After you reach the minimums for every level given, up until the black flask, this is where the fun begins. Save-up for the BLC portal, this will be important for later. Unlock the strange flask, a lot of your in-game upgrades will be far more efficient.

Its time to waste 2 hours waiting on your converters to create strange flasks, you will need 980K of them to unlock exotic leaves, once you have them, go to the special area where they drop and grind for a while, obtaining those sweet, sweet near-final-tier leaves. In the Exotic leaves shop tab, you will find some pretty good BLC upgrades, ignore what the other guides say and buy em’! They will help-out in reaching 2k BLC with the BLC portal.

Big Leaf Crunching

Where did we go? Oh, wait I remember, this is where everything began, let’s do the same ol’ journey we did before again.

You should have all of your previously-owned areas unlocked, but wait to return to the abyss and instead go back to the void and re-do all of the steps in the previous chapters. Make sure to also buy some of the BLC upgrades, like prestiege +++++, BLC ++, converter transistors (this one made this guide easier to do), converter output, master of leaves, moar gems, and many others.

Once you have around 10K coins available to prestige, do it, it should (somehow) give you all of your upgrades from before your BLC prestige, the rest of the game after you have all of the auto-upgrades unlocked is just having the game run in the background, so go on a walk, actually rake your’s or your neighbor’s lawn, enjoy life! (Even if you are in lockdown, you will figure out something)

If you still are interested in the game after this point and want me to continue the guide, let me know and I’ll get to work collaborating with others in creating the next few parts. (Especially since I did not yet unlock celestial leaves yet, lol).

Written by JamesTDG

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