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CosmicBreak Universal - Chat Emotes

Written by DriedCabbage   /   Feb 9, 2021    

Manual Chat Input

Type the command directly in chat and press Enter key. Pressing the Up Arrow key retrieves your last chat messages and can be entered again for repeating emotes.

  • #em0

  • #em1

  • #em2

  • #em3

  • #em4

  • #em5

  • #em6

  • #em7

  • #em8

  • #em9

Chat Macro Setup

In-game chat macros can be found under options in the top-left corner of the GUI.

Simply enter the desired text and close the options menu. The circle will indicate if the input is valid. The corresponding Alt+# macro is now available for convenient spamming of emotes. Alternatively, you can set up long-winded copypasta taunts for when your team wins Epoch or something.

Written by DriedCabbage.