Persona 5 Strikers – How to Have All 99 Stats Persona in Mid-Game

Make the game much easier by follow these simple steps ! No cheating/bug exploit here.


First off, here are some requirement to do this trick:

  • You must have unlocked Stats Boosting using Persona Points.
  • You must have money (~200,000+ would be fair, the more you have the better). You can farm more money if you ran out of it in middle of the process.
  • At least 500,000 persona point, after a few loops you should start growing back your lost persona points. (Best to be around 1mil).

How to Do It?

Persona 5 Strikers have a mechanic called Accumulated Power

Basically is what Lavenza told you when you fusion a persona:

In short, everytime you fuse a persona, a portion of BONUS STATS will be transfer to the new one. Bonus Stats can be obtained by simply fusion a persona, or raise the stats in Persona Enhancements.

So, how to get any Persona with full 99 stats? Lv99 full 99 stats megidolaon pixie leggo!!!

Simply put, you keep fusing and fusing till you get a Persona with huge bonus stats, then you can either register it, or use it as material to fuse any persona that you want those juicy stats.

This is a method knows and i see around for awhile, but here how you do it in short, or if you want to see a video about it, i found this on youtube:

Do not register any persona while doing this method. At least till you get the full 99 stats Persona you want.

Here’s what you have to fuse in order:

  • Pyro Jack + Pixie -> Bicorn
  • Bicorn + Pixie = Silky
  • Silky + Arsene= Succubus
  • Succubus + Andras = Hua Po
  • Hua Po + Slime = Lamia
  • Lamia + High Pixie = Jack Frost
  • Jack Frost + Pixie = Pyro Jack

Repeat the first fusion (Pyro Jack + Pixie) – Only raise Pyro Jack on the first fusion, since from here onward Pyro Jack will be the one carry all the bonus stats.

Notice that there’re Persona that i write in BOLD, it means you’ll raise that Persona Stats using Persona Enhancement everytime you gonna fuse them. We do it on Pixie & Jack’o Lantern and DO NOT REGISTER IT. Because Pixie and Pyro Jack have one of the lowest stats, cheapest to pull off from compendium. Raises the stats then register mean they’ll cost more.

Raise all of their stats into about ~20, you do you. It’ll cost about 50k Persona Points for each stats.

At first if you start while low on Persona Points, you’ll struggle a bit, if so then just raise the stats a little bit lower, you’ll have more and more Persona Points the more you fusion. Because everytime you fusion, you get Persona Points. After a few loops you will start to have more Persona Points than you start.

Ok, super TLDR!

Fuse a loop till Pyro Jack is all 99 stats bonus:

  • Pyro Jack + Pixie -> Bicorn
  • Bicorn + Pixie = Silky
  • Silky + Arsene= Succubus
  • Succubus + Andras = Hua Po
  • Hua Po + Slime = Lamia
  • Lamia + High Pixie = Jack Frost
  • Jack Frost + Pixie = Pyro Jack

Raise all of Pixie Stats to 20 using Persona Points everytime you gonna fuse it.

The bonus stats will keep stacking while going on a loop till there’re a point where Pyro Jack have all 99 stats, then register it or keep it as you like, and use him to fuse into a Persona you want.

What if a Fusion Accident Happens?

Great news! You about to get a lot of persona points & free stats!

In short, Fusion Accident is when you fuse a persona but the result is not came out as expected, the result persona will be random. BUT, they will get alot of bonus stats and have abnormal lv equal to what the result persona supposed to be.

If that happens, congrats, You got alot of free bonus stats. Which mean you’re saving alot of time fusing that dream pyro jack.

But it’ll be a little tricky here, because now in order to keep fusing the loop of Pyro Jack, you have to fuse that Persona back to a Persona that exist in the loop, which is:

  • Pyro Jack
  • Pixie
  • Bicorn
  • Silky
  • Arsene
  • Succubus
  • Andras
  • Hua Po
  • Slime
  • Lamia
  • High Pixie
  • Jack Frost

But note that i said you will get alot of persona points, because the process of fusing that random persona back to one of those might took from 1 to 3+ fusions, but every fusion will give you back Persona Points (gonna cost u money tho rip).

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