Persona 5 Strikers – Easy (But Grindy) Unlimited Sendai Fortunes

I didn’t have any good P5 art on hand so I just used this Walfie version of Amelia Watson P4 one I edited lmao.

Easy Unlimited Sendai Fortunes

In the 2nd Jail city, Sendai, you’ll come across a both next to the shrine in Mt. Aoba Park where you can buy fortunes for 100 yen per draw. These fortunes can give you BOND experience points in varying capacities. However, it only gives you a fortune per day.

Except it doesn’t.

You can have unlimited draws to increase your BOND skills as much as you want/are willing to do this repeatedly. It’s a grindy method, but it’s free real estate within the game’s mechanics.

Step 1: Make sure you have unlocked all free roam locations in Sendai (Mt. Aoba Park, Sendai Station, and the Arcade).

Step 2: Do this on a day where you aren’t restricted by dialogue or mission locks preventing you from exploring like Morgana telling you to go to the objective or whatever.

Step 3: Visit the fortune booth next to the shrine entrance in Mt. Aoba Park. It’s right between the cardboard photo op stand and the vending machines in the upper-most part of the map.

Step 4: Draw a fortune for 100 yen. Fortunes vary from three different types.

  • Great Blessing = Large (About 20% BOND exp)
  • Blessing = Small (About 10% BOND exp)
  • Cursed = None? (I’m not sure about this since it’s hard to tell in-game whether or not it’s actually giving a minuscule amount or none at all)

Step 5: After drawing a fortune, exit the area via the quick travel feature on your phone’s map. Either the station or the arcade is fine.

Step 6: As soon as you load into the selected area, immediately quick travel back to the park.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6.

Not sure if this is an oversight or something else, but hey it works. This is easier for BOND levels under 25 as it takes less. I recommend getting the BOND perk that increases the amount of BOND exp you get at any given time.

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