The Coin Game – How to Get Tickets (Fast and Easy)

In this guide, I will tell you some ways to get the most tickets. Ready? There are a few ways.

Guide to Get Tickets

The Cyclone game

This one is the best imo. This game not only gives you tickets fast, but it can also give you alot if you are good enough. I am currently ranked in the top 100 in this arcade game and it gets kinda easy once you learn it. Sure it will cost alot of money, which means that this won’t work in survival mode as well, but its good for the people that like the birthday mode, which is the best imo.

Pusher games

These games are kind of boring, but are very efficient with collecting tickets. Personally, I think the new pusher in the new arcade area is the best one. Put in 10 dollars, then just start dropping. I have done this a few times and it works. If you do this really well, you can get around 2000 tickets each time, which is pretty good. If you aren’t good at the Cyclone game, then this strategy, or the next two will work for you.

Air Hockey

This game isn’t too good. It doesn’t give you that many tickets, and it takes long. It is also a very easy game that doesn’t cost much. It gives you about 400 tickets and costs $2.00. This is good if you don’t want a hard game, and you don’t have much money left. Thats all for this one, not too highly recommend, but do what you want.

Laser Tag

Look, I don’t even know about this one. If you are good at shooters and you want to have fun, this is it. It gives alot of tickets, but costs alot. Least recommended, but again, do whatever.


Best for survival in order

  1. Air hockey
  2. Cyclone
  3. Pushers
  4. Laser tag

Best in order for birthday

  1. Tie between pushers and cyclone
  2. Air hockey
  3. Laser tag

Entertainment in order

  • Laser tag
  • Cyclone (because the tickets fall into the screen and it is kinda funny but whatever)
  • Pushers
  • Air hockey

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