The Coin Game – How to Backup/Transfer Your Saves

As you know, this game does not have cloud saving, so transferring your saved game isn’t really something that is possible at this moment. This guide will teach you how to transfer your save files between systems so you can bring your hard earned progress to any machine. I’ve even included a guide on how to back it up!

Guide to Backup/Transfer Your Saves

Transferring Saves

Transferring your save file between two machines is actually very easy, unlike what you might think. It only should take you at the most, five minutes to do it. This should work in either survival or birthday mode. Read on for the steps.

First, Locate Your Save Files

Go to Appdate>Locallow>devotid>The Coin Game And you should be presented with two folders. Click on the one that has your save file in it.

Then double-click on the folder. If you did everything right, you should see something like this:

This is your save! Here is where all your data is located. To transfer it, simply create a copy of it, and bring that file onto your other machine. This can be done via email or Google Drive or any way you wish. When you get the file onto the other machine, simply put it back into the same place you got it from, and there you go. You’ve transferred your save successfully. Now you can play the Coin Game right from where you left off!

Backing Up a Save

Backing up a save is just as easy as transferring. Repeating the steps you preformed in the previous chapter, simply make a copy of the file containing your save, then place it somewhere for safe keeping! Then if something goes wrong, you can always have your save available to replace in case something happens! Make sure you do this frequently though!

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