Absolver – How to Unlock Folded Eyes / Lost Prospect / Tear Chief Masks

Folded Eyes Mask

How to Obtain:

  • Head to the Essence Reserves (N.B. you’ll need to have defeated all of the Marked Ones first).
  • Climb up the stairs until you’re almost at the top; behind the stairs will be a cairn.

Lost Prospect Mask

How to Obtain:

  • Head to Raslan Coliseum.
  • Upon entering the coliseum, walk to the doorway filled with vases.
  • Break the vases with an attack and pick up the mask.
  • Also has a chance to be dropped upon defeating a Lost Prospect.

Tear Chief Mask

How to Obtain:

  • Head to Raslan Coliseum.
  • Go through the doorway on the left upon entering the coliseum.
  • Proceed up the stairs (N.B. there may be a few enemies here).
  • Once at the top, follow the stone stairs and walkway.
  • Go through the two small archways to find the cairn.
  • Can also be obtained through Rift Disks.

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