Absolver – Where to Find Jinn Mesca?

Both locations for the guardian to staggersville gate and the best way to farm him for stagger exp.


You’ve gotten to level 25, maybe you’ve even beaten the story and now you’re looking to unlock as many moves as you can. You want that stagger style in order to do so but your only problem is you can’t find the guy who guards the gate to staggersville, that sneaky Jinn Mesca. Don’t worry, I got you.

The Tower of Adal

This is an easy one to be sure. The most common location people will find him as he’s really hard to miss but just in case you did, here’s where you can find him.

First off go to altar you find in the tower, you should see a set of stairs that lead upwards:

Absolver - Where to Find Jinn Mesca?

Take these stairs all the way up and you’ll see him:

Absolver - Where to Find Jinn Mesca?

You will agro him the moment you set foot on that bridge so be prepared for a fight. His agro range ends at both ends of that bridge so if you’re having a hard time simply head back down the stairs or run off the other side of the bridge and he’ll de-agro.

Adalian Columbary [The Shortcut]

If you’re looking for Jinn Mesca then chances are you’ve already beaten Cargal & Kilnor which means you’ve likely unlocked the door from Adalian Columbary to The Tower of Adal.

If that’s true then return to the Tower of Adal altar and look left of the stairs:

Absolver - Where to Find Jinn Mesca?

Travel in that direction and you’ll come across the door you previously opened:

Absolver - Where to Find Jinn Mesca?

Go through it and follow the path forward (You can only go in one direction) and eventually you’ll reach a set of steps that take you down to Jinn Mesca’s second location:

Absolver - Where to Find Jinn Mesca?

If by some sheer force of will you’ve managed to grind your way to level 25 without having traveled to the Adalian Columbary that door will not be open for you but don’t worry, I got you covered. Look below for a video guide of how to get there starting from the Guidance Bridge altar.

[Technically this area is still classed as being at the Tower of Adal but it looks like all the other areas surroudig the Adalian Columbary so I refer to it as that]

Guidance Bridge to Jinn Mesca (Columbary Location)

So here we go, A video guide showing how to get from Guidance Bridge to Adalian Columbary for those who haven’t come across Calgar & Kilnor yet or those who have and didn’t unlock the shortcut and forgot how to get back there.

Tips for Farming Jinn Mesca

  • Your encounters with Jinn shouldn’t just end when you’ve unlocked the gate to staggersville. Jinn is a valuable source of move experience for the stagger style so make use of him.
  • Get him down to half health, when he draws his sword disarm him as quickly as you can and then pick up, now just block whatever he throws at you until it breaks then finish him off. 
  • To farm lots of move experience from Jinn make sure you have the shortcut unlocked AND play in offline mode So you don’t have any lag or anybody interfering with your farming. 
  • Start with the Jinn on the bridge, do the above and then bolt through the shortcut to go and repeat it on the other Jinn, by the time you beat him the other Jinn should be back so run back to the bridge. Just keep running between the two until you’ve learned all you can from him.

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