Across the Obelisk – How to Beat Infinite Rabbits

This short guide contains few tips to beat rabbits.

Guide to Beat Infinite Rabbits


Essentially, kill them all in the same round. Don’t focus one, weaken all of them until you can take them all out before they go again.

Actually you can’t pace em down and try and get them all at once because of the spammed health buff. So they’re faster than all of your guys and you’ll have a whole turn to finish em off at the same time. so just take it easy on their health, be careful not to kill off anyone 2 early. Don’t let them go below 30-40hp before you finish them. They’ll heal themselves every round but also damage themselves. so their hp is a bit jumpy.

This is one of the fights you will want consider skipping turns so you can have bigger turns where you can play your entire hand at once to wipe the enemies out. Some team setups have it harder than others but I don’t think it’s impossible except in very niche cases.

The fight definitely is hard and has an achievement with it but do share what build you are running and I might be able to offer some help!

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