Anonymous Hacker Simulator – General Guide (Gameplay, Saves and Fixes)

In this guide you can find general overview of gameplay, save file locations, few fixes and some short tips with spoilers.

Gameplay Explained

At its core it’s a puzzle game. The ‘hacking’ is based on real life, but still very much ‘gamified’. You’re essentially trying to work out solutions based on hints you get using the tools you’re given. Fairly niche I guess, but fun for those who enjoy solving puzzles in a hacker setting. There’s no requirement to have real coding knowledge.

Important note: Make sure you enable V-Sync and limit fps to 60 to reduce usage.

Full playthrough if you need help:

Short tips with spoilers

How to upload CircuitControl.exe

  • Find the power switch near the exit door then inject it using:
inject -s S400 -t circuitcontrol.exe
  • Then upload the injected file.

Rocket Launch mission

If you bought NetStorm and didn’t see the file then Cook it first.

  • Command: cook NetStorm

How to change the TEMP files?

You get these information with “sqldump”.

How to get [email protected] password?

Do repeater command on this email, find the IP from previous steps.

Wget command in Pentagon mission

Just copy it:


…and execute in game.

Fix [R] Remote Key Issue and Save File Location

In case you have this issue, Go to:

  • C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\HackerLifeSimulator\Saved

or if you don’t see it type this in your file browser

  • C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\HackerLifeSimulator\Saved\SaveGames

And delete config folder then start the game.


Also above is a folders where are your save files located.

If you can’t see this folders then you need to have hidden file visible

See how to do it.

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