Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Shendao Cultivators Explanatory Guide

What are Shendao Cultivators and What Makes Them so Good?

Shendao Cultivators are cultivators that gather faith from people and convert that faith into cultivation and Qi. While this may be slightly confusing to understand at first, it makes more sense just to think of them like actual Gods which have unique spells and weapons that only they can create and use.

First of all, as Divine Gods, the goal of every Shendao cultivator is to create an entire God Realm during their golden core breakthrough, where they can house their followers and draw their powers. This God Realm is known as the Divine Realm in this game and is similar to that of Mt. Olympus for the Greeks and Asgard for Norse Gods.

It looks something like this.

It works much like a sim city. Where you build buildings, and those buildings will give your cultivator combat bonuses, more followers, more spells, and even extra miracles after you’ve built them. The more buildings you build, the stronger your Shendao becomes.

And any followers that you put into your Divine Realm will then pray automatically to the cultivator as if they were a deity and this ‘belief’ then turns into Qi whenever the Shendao Cultivator needs it in the form of Qi Recovery. Meaning as long as you have belief. You will never run out of Qi.

At the upper limits, when you have millions of followers praying to you and are fully buffed with several divine buildings. The amount of belief you can generate is practically limitless and your combat prowess becomes absolutely crazy.

To illustrate, look at the top part of the picture that was shown earlier.

This is all the belief gathered by this Shendao Cultivator. 

That is over 5 Billion. So, as long as this Shendao is not killed before they can recover their Qi. It has over a Billion HP before it can be killed.  

Additionally, this is what your combat stats will look like after maxing out several Divine Buildings.

This makes Shendao one of the strongest of cultivators when fully buffed as a solo fighter or as part of a formation as a formation auxiliary. As they will almost never run out of Qi. And can become extremely powerful, much earlier than normal qi cultivators by relying on the combat bonuses from their Divine Realm.

As for unique spells and artifacts.

The most useful miracles available to Shendao will be the Clean Mind and Resurrection Miracles. Clean Mind is the only way for you to remove obsessions from characters. 

And resurrection allows you to bring back any dead character, even if they are a corpse. Which can be handy if any of your cultivators fail a tribulation or are killed accidently.

And lastly for artifacts, Shendao Sacred Relics are the strongest artifacts possible in the game, at the time of this guide. They have a myriad of unique effects, can be made out of any material, and have the highest overall stats possible when buffed.

This is an example of a buffed up Shendao Artifact.

The Shendao Artifact above actually has more effects that aren’t shown, but the game limits the description to the first 10 special effects.

And you can equip this on any character you want, not just the Shendao who created it. 

So in summary.

Shendao is good because

  1. They have practically unlimited qi.
  2. They make the strongest artifacts possible in the game. 
  3. They can resurrect the dead and clean obsessions.
  4. They power up almost effortlessly because they do not require qi gathering items or pills. All their power and skills comes from their divine buildings, and they get several buildings for free from breakthroughs.

For example, while qi cultivators may struggle to hit 300k Max Qi at golden core. The average Shendao can have over 1 million max qi after doing their golden core breakthrough by just existing.

If you want one or any of these benefits. You should consider making at least one or more Shendao Cultivators. 

Conversely, as a player you should also know that Shendao is its own list of problems, much like Body Cultivators. So, don’t fall into a trap of making too many of them.

  1. They can only use 1 Artifact. There is no way to increase this limit.
  2. They can’t learn manuals, so they have bad adventure speed and formation skill.
  3. Qi Cultivators will eventually become stronger than Shendao because of 1 & 2
  4. There is a lot of RNG involved in obtaining advanced divine buildings or guards. To raise an extremely good Shendao can take many seasons and years.
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