Aperture Desk Job – How to Uncap FPS

The game defaults to 60fps. Fine on a Steam Desk, not on desktop. This guide tells you how to change the refresh rate to whatever you want through the config file.

Guide to Unlock FPS (Remove 60FPS Cap)


Step 1: Locate config file

  • The config is located in the game’s local files, in:
    • \steamapps\common\Aperture Desk Job\game\steampal\cfg\video.txt
  • Open the file.

Step 2: Edit the file

  • Find the following lines:
    • “setting.refreshrate_numerator” “0”
    • “setting.refreshrate_denominator” “0”
  • and set the numerator to your perferred fps (or 999 for unlimited) and denominator to 1, for example for 144Hz it would look like this:
    • “setting.refreshrate_numerator” “144”
    • “setting.refreshrate_denominator” “1”
  • Now save the file.

Step 3: Make the file read only

Games like to mess with custom edits like this, to ensure this fix stays, right click on the file, select “properties” and set the file to read only.

Note: If you want to change the game settings or edit the file afterwards, you have to momentarily remove read only.

Now when you launch the game, you will have your framerate set to whatever you chose. Camera movement will still look like 60fps but eveything else like animations are smooth. Vsync has to be enabled for it to work, if you try to disable it in game settings, it will revert back to 60fps.

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