Cruelty Squad – Performance and Frame Rate Tips

Couple tips to make Cruelty Squad run better, this game has a few but very odd performance bugs, some recording software tips too (not advanced at all).

Tips to Performance and Frame Rate

Tip 1: CruS most elusive FPS bug

Cruelty Squad’s strangest performance bug:

Be sure to have game and operating system set to native monitor resolution together with operating system font scaling at 100% (Windows OS), this is the most elusive performance bug the game has, for some reason if any of these are mismatched it is likely to cause performance issues, mind that some computer systems experience different degrees of this problem depending on these settings, and some systems appear to not suffer from it.

On windows just type “change display resolution” on the search bar thingy to see these settings mentioned above.

One last note: the game appears to not like running on lower resolutions, but this is pure speculation as of now, i have no evidence of this being true yet.

Tip 2: Game settings

On the settings menu there are 5 things that can impact frame rate, these are reflections, performance mode, game resolution (obviously), fullscreen check box and NPC population (Civilians) density slider, here are some examples on how to adapt the game for your computer:

  • If you have a potato PC performance mode will help you, but if you have a regular computer performance mode is going to lock you in 30 FPS mode (this is bad).
  • Reflections is GPU dependent so if your computer can run it that’s fine.
  • Fullscreening is something you have to test on your own, some computers run better while off and others do not.
  • Civ slider has a massive impact on performance even on beefy computers so you may wanna turn it down, a good value is usually 35-45% on the slider, this is a good sacrifice between not playing in a ghost town and actually having the game run well.
  • Game resolution: try to keep it in line with tip 1 if possible, the only exception for this rule is for potato PCs.

Tip 3: External software

Anything that hooks to the game or is running on the background can impact the game performance, i know this one is kinda obvious, but if your game is running kinda crap look for something running on your pc and go checking by closing it to see if the game runs better.

For recording software mind what you are using, MSI afterburner recording kills the FPS in this game, while OBS recording has minimal impact on it, this tip is not very specific, but if you are trying to get game footage or something else and you are running into problems like this, try recording with another software.

Also be sure to have your pc HDDs/SSDs and any other hardware a check, clean up some space to see if the game runs a bit better, well im not a software/hardware person but after i uninstalled a bunch of junk and cleaned up my storage both the game and my PC are a bit faster, again this one is obvious but never have your storage above 80% or whatever.

Tip 4: FPS limiting software

Cruelty squad starts to run a bit crusty past 240 FPS, so limit it with something like RivaTuner or whatever you like to use for this job.

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    • have seen this issue but haven’t experienced it myself outside of neuron activator, idk how to solve it

      • yeah ive been tryin alot of shit its really weird, first time i shoot it stutters then never again

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