ARK: Survival Ascended – Creature Change Guide (SCR)

List of all changes done to all creatures in SCR (Shad’s Critter Reworks)


  • Most creatures now have the ability to attack with their primary attack by holding down left click instead of spamming it
  • All fliers have their stamina-per-level restored
  • All fliers gain 20% speed on full imprint
  • All creatures have their melee mutation rate returned to 1x, which seems to be the general consensus.

SCR Allosaurus

Gave my favorite medium-large carnivore some love, with some slightly custom animations. Made better for general solo use and small group use.

  • New bite attack anim
  • Increased both bite and bleed bite damage from 35 and 25 to 40
  • Doubled stamina recovery rate
  • Restored run speed variables
  • Allo no longer looses 10% movement speed on tame
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held
  • Allo now has a gang bonus of +4 (a group of 5). It gains +5% melee and resistance per gang member.
  • Bleed no longer slows targets, still drains 5% of HP in 10 seconds, but cannot drain more than 5,000 in a single proc.

SCR Argentavis

Gave one of Mid-game’s most essential fliers a little tlc to focus on the fact vultures can fly for hours at a time.

  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held
  • Now regenerates stamina midair when not sprinting
  • Gains 20% movement speed when imprinted, now

SCR Baryonyx

A slight bit of differentiation between bary and carno to make them similar but better at their own thing, as well as some nerfs and balance adjustments.

  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held
  • Reduced bite damage from 35 to 30
  • Increased tailspin damage from 25 to 45
  • Bite (not tailspin) can now harvest prime fish meat
  • Tailspin no longer triggers an AoE stun bubble. Tail itself needs to hit in order to trigger stun.
  • Stun attack now has a high stamina cost and an 18 second cooldown (the latter is the same as AI)
  • Swapped it and Carno’s base HP (Bary: 440 → 420)
  • Slightly increased overall run (land and water) run speed.

SCR Carnotaurus

A bit of TLC to fix one of the game’s mid-tier mounts, reassuring its place within the game and differentiating it from Baryonyx enough.

  • Swapped it and Bary’s HP (Carno: 420 → 440)
  • Lowered running stamina cost
  • New running animations!
  • Drastically increased running speed 2.8 → 4.65
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held
  • Bleed no longer drains 20% of HP. Instead deals 15 base damage per second, scaling with melee (but ignoring buffs that boost melee). Partially ignores saddle armor. Cannot deal more than 2500 per tick. Buff time shortened from 30 to 10 seconds.

SCR Direwolf

Tweaks to prevent it from encroaching on sabertooth too much but make it unique at its own stuff.

  • Restored some speed variables
  • Removed harvesting multipliers for pelt and hide
  • Reduced base damage from 33 to 30
  • Direwolf reduces the weight of pelt in its inventory to 25%

SCR Dunkleosteus

A bit of QoL to make Dunkle more viable, and not a pain in the butt to even use. Beware picking a fight with these lads.

  • Lowered the stamina cost of running for dunkle
  • Increased bite damage from 60 → 80
  • Increased stamina from 200 → 300
  • Restored HP Per level
  • Lowered Melee per level
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held

SCR Megalodon

Simply done to balance them out and make the oceans less cancerous.

  • Restored HP per level
  • Lowered melee gain on tame
  • Lowered melee HP level rate to normal
  • Changed center of rotation and gravity to the middle of the body
  • Altered run speed of megalodon
  • Megalodon are now much less aggressive, with a radius similar to rex now
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held
  • Now detects corpses from a considerable distance away and will rush in to feed.
  • Removed bleeding bite
  • Buffed damage from 40 to 62

SCR Megatherium

A few changes to my favorite in-game mammal to make it more viable when no insects are around, making it a solid mid-tier mount and even more of a monster when in insect killer mode.

  • Increased overall run speed
  • Increased slam damage to 49 to 52
  • Slam now has a slight stamina cost and cannot be used with insufficient stam
  • Claw attack increased in damage from 32 to 40
  • Bite attack decreased from 32 to 28
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held

SCR Onyc

With Onyc now having land animations in ASA, and Desmodus a ways out, I decided to enlarge the bat and turn it into a potent and unique, albeit fragile, mount!

  • Size increased 2.25x
  • Now an omnivore: tames the same as direbear for taming food
  • Bite now omnivore damagetype, harvesting corpses, bushes, fiber, and gathering honey from beehives!
  • Now has an Implant “Saddle”, available at lvl 65
  • HP increased to 275 (argent is 368)
  • Bite damage left unchanged (onyc has 35 base damage. Wow)
  • Can now be ridden
  • Increased base stamina from 100 to 250
  • Increased weight from 50 to 250
  • Now has gang bonus of up to +7 (8 max group). +2% res and melee per gang member (max +14%).
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held

SCR Pelagornis

Touching every flier with a few basic touches, giving them all imprint movement speed. In Pelagornis’ case, I’m trying to make it equal up to a better mid-tier flier with incentive for feeding fish meat.

  • Increased base HP from 260 to 280
  • Increased Stamina to 300
  • Increased torpor from 120 to 300
  • Increased weight from 150 to 225
  • Increased base bite damage from 16 to 22
  • Bite attack now harvests prime fish meat from fish
  • Increased third person camera
  • Increased bite hitbox
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held

SCR Piranha

Mostly done to make crossing the waterways less toxic.

  • Aggression radius reduced drastically
  • Now detects corpses from a considerable distance away and will rush in to feed.
  • Vulnerable to various buffs now

SCR Pteranodon

Most fliers get touched in my mods to add in imprinted movement speed, but also just a bit of QoL. Ptero’s no different.

  • Restored HP and Melee per level
  • Imprinting now scales speed
  • Restored some speed scaling

SCR Quetzal

Fixes some speed issues, as wild quetz were faster than tamed.

  • Regenerates stamina in flight when not sprinting
  • Made tamed quetz faster in the air, wild quetz now shares the same speed instead of being faster
  • Increased bite damage from 32 to 40
  • Restored tamed HP per level
  • Doubled stamina recovery
  • Removed melee nerf on tame


A few tweaks to Rex’s speed, that’s it. It’s pretty solid in vanilla, really.

  • Restored speed values

SCR Rhyniognatha

Some QoL to the best buggy boi, to help it stand out and be worth its value.

  • Slightly increased running flight speed
  • Increased claw attack damage from 55 to 62. Slightly penetrates armor now, but not to the effectiveness of Manta or Theri.
  • Reduced Rhynio rapid-fire projectile damage, as now the rapid-fire projectiles scale with melee.
  • Sap puddles left by Rhynio resin bomb now apply an armor buff to allies at no speed penalty. Armor can still be cut, like normal sap.
  • Rhynio Resin Bomb is now an AoE for allies as well. Allies that step into it get a buff that increases their resistance by 25%!
  • Inventory now reduces Resin and Sap to 10% of its usual weight.
  • Gains additional movement speed on imprint
  • Restored HP and stam per level
  • Tweaked the impregnation buff of Rhyniognatha so that craving foods make more sense. Craving Foods are now the following: Superior Kibble, Exceptional Kibble, Extraordinary Kibble, Honey, Battle Tartare, Calien Soup, Enduro Stew, Focal Chili, FriaCurry, Lazarus Chowder, Shadow Steak Sautee.

SCR Sabertooth

Some tweaks to make it stand out more from Direwolf, as a viable smaller mount.

  • Restored tamed movement speed
  • Increased base damage from 29 to 33
  • Melee attacks now pierce armor to the effectiveness of manta/theri
  • Increased base health from 250 to 300
  • Increased base stamina from 200 to 300
  • Increased weight from 200 to 250
  • Reduces the weight of Hide to 25% in inventory and Pelt to 50%
  • Increased jump height, made Saber immune to fall damage

SCR Spino

Some QoL to my favorite dinosaur both in-game and in-life, to make it less a pushover!

  • Bite and claw attacks now harvest prime fish meat from fish
  • Bite attack can now be done while moving in singleplayer
  • Increased base HP from 700 to 950
  • Increased weight from 350 to 400

SCR Stegosaurus

Stego will always hold a special place in my heart. Not also is it one of my favorite herbivorous species, but my very first ever mount in ASE was a Stego named Titania who carried me through most of the game. My changes are done for stego-lovers everywhere!

  • Fixed an issue where attacking too fast prevented stego from dealing damage.
  • Stego now immune to knockback
  • Fixed several speed issues with stego, making stego faster
  • Removed bonus speed on tame
  • New running anim, courtesy of unused ASE anims

SCR Tapejara

Some tweaks to one of my favorite vanilla fliers, to help it be a bit unique!

  • Changed diet from carnivore to herbivore (as the real life animal was one)
  • Taming food and affinity swapped to Trike’s
  • Restored speed values
  • Removed speed on tame
  • Tapejara should now be as fast as it was wild when tamed
  • Tapejara bite now harvests honey, fiber, bushes and corpses
  • Increased tapejara bite base damage from 18 to 22

SCR Therizinosaurus

Some QoL to my favorite herbivorous species. I didnt resize it, but I tried to keep it effectively damaging yet slightly squishy.

  • Claw attack now hits twice
  • Lowered bite base damage from 52 to 40
  • Bite damage no longer deals torpor or hits rider direct. Basic large herbivore damagetype now.
  • Fixed an issue where Theri became slower when ridden.
  • Inventory reduces the weight of the following resources to the amount in parenthesis: Fiber (10%), Hide (25%), Pelt (25%), Wood (50%), Silk (10%)

SCR Thylacoleo

Nerfed the cat that had more HP than Spino in vanilla, making it a mid-tier while giving it new use.

  • Reduced base HP from 700 to 600
  • Restored health per level tamed
  • Thyla no longer has a slight harvest multiplier for hide
  • Thyla no longer inflicts bleed
  • Thyla bite now inflicts Rend. Rend lasts 15 seconds and decreases enemy resistance by 5% per stack, stacking 10 times.

SCR Triceratops

Gave Trike a little love to help it remain a loyal tame throughout much of your playthrough. Focusing on keeping the target in front of you to take as little damage as possible. Either be aggressive, or play defensive, the choice is yours!

  • Trike can now attack while moving
  • Can now use left click attack with mouse held
  • Removed additional bonus speed on tame
  • Increased base HP from 374 to 400
  • Increased Stamina from 150 to 250
  • Increased weight from 365 to 380
  • Restored all speed values
  • Increased running speed from 3.0 to 4.6
  • Increased Trike backwards walking speed from 0.75 to 0.9

SCR Yutyrannus

Just some slight tweaks to make Yuty a little more mobile in combat

  • Yutyrannus bite now only uses the additive animation, allowing it to attack and move.
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  1. Do you have an ini to enable flyer speed leveling? I have the generic ini enabled for it but I can’t Level speed on flyers effected by this mod

    • no, i didnt touch the speed variables of the critters nor do i have ini custom made for it either. Vanilla variables should work.

  2. Quick PSA:
    For anyone having all their mods deactivated during SP, it appears to be caused by starting up your SP game while a mod is still updating.

  3. Thanks for all your hard work. Just a question, when doing dinolist (after a dinowipe) I’m getting your spinos and ASA’s spino spawning. Is that suppose to happen?

    • If you have Additions Ascended: Deinosuchus, it’s due to that mod also remapping/replacing spinos when they spawn instead of using a normal spawn container.

  4. Could this mod changing theris be the reason one of my players can’t breed their 2 theris? I can’t confirm if one is scr and one vanilla but they will not Mate with each other at all

  5. Just a heads up, i did a dino wipe, tamed an argentavis. it gets the stam regen when not sprinting, but doesn’t seem to hold attack spam.

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