Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Pirate Cove Guide (Get the Gold)

Where is pirate cove?! Where the gold!? Well read here / follow these steps to find the gold!

Guide to Pirate Cove Location

Near the jump across the river in Azurine Delta, Where we meet once before the Legendary mare runs off.

See the bushed behind in the first photo? Turn and face towards them and walk into them.

You end up on the other side but keep walking!

Keep going!

Walk down the path and you see this!

Their should be gold to left and right!

Don’t Believe me? Here proof!

You can also find gold ingots in the pirate cave!

Yes, there a chest!

You can also find the large stable coastal BP, That doesn’t cost gold to craft it!

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  1. Gold is found in Pirate Cove, a really hidden cave north of Azurine Delta and underneath Castle Ruins. Entrance is between some bushes at the northside of Azurine Delta. Enjoy your large stables.

    • Wow! The bushes blocking the path looks like it would just have an invisible wall. Don’t think I would have ever found it, thank you!

    • Thank you! I would have never found it, but i have to go to work so after i’ll definitely be trying to get the gold. I’ve went hours around the map just to find it.

  2. There’s also a sandcaste near the wrecked ship by the Harbor. It’s on the hill by the prow of the busted ship.

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