Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key – Hint on Obtaining Recipes (Game System)

Warning! The guide contain spoilers.

Obtaining Recipes Hint

Each region appears to have a set of recipes that can only be obtained by accessing supply points with Super Rare keys.

Which recipe you get may be randomized.

Except for one strategically important item, regions were not recorded when the recipes were obtained.


Synthesis items

  • Solid Ice Fuel
  • Grace Nero (Found after searching a Windle supply point.)

Weapons (all mid-tier)

  • Great Sword (Lent)
  • Claw (Lila)
  • Double Sword (Tao)
  • Two-Handed Staff (Ryza)
  • Axe (Dian)
  • Long Sword (Patricia)
  • War Hammer (Kala)
  • Single-Handed Staff (Empel)
  • Fan (Federica)
  • Single-Handed Sword (Bos)
  • Bow (Klaudia)


  • Soldier’s Cuirass
  • Dragoon Mail
  • Elven Robe
  • Moonlight Cloak
  • Four Seasons Dome
  • Mage’s Robe

Farm Seeds

  • Water Seeds
  • Stone Seeds
  • Fire Seeds
  • Mystic Seeds
  • Golden Seeds
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