DREDGE – Guide to Finding Stoplight Loosejaw

Finding the Stoplight Loosejaw in the Stellar Basin took me so long that I thought I should save other people some time.

Finding Stoplight Loosejaw

Stoplight Loosejaw for Stellar Basin’s Researcher Quest

Idk why they introduce the kraken suppression device and imply it is needed for finding the Loosejaw. I couldn’t find the Loosejaw inside the basin at all and it took me forever to find it because the two spawns I could find were on the outer perimeter.

Of the two locations, the first is easier: Facing the Old Fortress:

The second is to the southeast of the basin:

I don’t even know if spawns are randomized or predefined. Hopefully the latter so I didn’t just waste 5 minutes.


  1. Stoplight Loosejaw is the full name of the fish, so named for it’s ability to produce red bioluminescence. I have to wonder if they truncated the name to Loosejaw on the nodes late into development and just forgot to change the name in the quest text, or if it’s a subtle way to make the Deep Sea Researcher appear to know more about the species than a run-of-the-mill fisherman.

  2. I was convinced that it would only be found inside the atoll while fishing at night (but those are all Hadal fishing spots!).

    I came back later with bait, which does also work.

    I feel like a line of dialogue such as “some of these are found outside the atoll” would be helpful.

    • There’s a bunch of spawns scattered around the exterior of the island, if you look below the disturbance and see red you’re in money, if you see white and big shapes it’s angler fish, if you see white and little fish it’s Fangtooths, if you see white and no shapes it’s barreleyes.

  3. Btw, using bait can spawn every type of fish for a specific biome and you don’t need to go to a certain depth, I usually just stick to the vendor and fish there when I need some type of fish completely avoiding sanity mechanic. Of course, it’s random so you might need to drop a few buckets but it can be a lot easier than cruising around looking for them.

  4. Thank you, never found one and was wondering if I did something wrong, never looked far away from the depth of the center or inner of the basin.

    I was also surprised to see the “stoplight” added in the journal of the quest, i think its a bug.

  5. The thing that the game fails you on with this quest is that, up til now, if you were given an item to perform a quest, that item allowed you to perform the whole mission. That’s before this mission and after this mission.

    Then, this mission comes about and, not only are you given a device that’s only useful for the last 2 fish, but, the fishing pole she gives you only allows you to fish up the 2 abyssal fish, but does nothing to help you fish out the fish which are in the middle with the monster, the hadal depth fish.

    Thanks for the guide, it helped me avoid doing the same (floating around for hours wondering if the game glitched or if I was just that bad at it).

    I’m glad that, at that moment I was already working on researching the full fledged rod. To anyone else dealing with this: don’t use the abyssal rod you’re given by her unless it’s purely to catch the abyssals, and emphasize research on getting the hadal/abyssal rod.

    • dawg just use ur telescope to look for the fish with the same silhouette just Spin Around In A Circle to find the fish that looks like what you need. if you don’t see it after doing a 360 with the telescope, just go Somewhere Else. the game isn’t going to friggin softlock you out of collecting a certain fish, every type is available either in the day or in the night

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