Back 4 Blood – How to Kill a Snitch without Alerting a Horde


Back 4 Blood has a lot of Special Ridden, each with its own special ability. The Snitch is a rare encounter at the early stages of the game, but as you progress you will start to see it more often. The Snitch itself is quite easy to beat and when you come across one you would want to take it out quickly. When it’s damaged a bit, it will send out a piercing call that will spawn a hoard of common infected. We are not sure, but the zombie sometimes also calls out the hoard in the mere sight of a Cleaner, so the best technique against it is to take it out before it calls out.

But, players are having difficulty killing the snitch without alerting a nearby horde. Stick with this guide and we will show you how to kill a snitch without alerting a horde in Back 4 Blood.

How to Kill a Snitch without Alerting a Horde in Back 4 Blood

There are various ways to take care of the snitch and each player will have their own favorite way, but the key things to note are listed below:

  1. When you shoot the Snitch, it will come at the player who shot.
  2. If the snitch is engaged in a fire, it will not call out to the horde.
  3. If the snitch is killed before it can make the call, the hoard will not appear with the exception of drawing the Mutation Corruption Card. If you get this card, the Snitch will call the Horde even when you have killed it.

So, if the snitch is calling the Horde even when you killed it before it was able to make the call, it’s likely that you have the Mutation Corruption Card. In such a case, there is no way to avoid the horde other than avoiding the Snitch. If you avoid the snitch and pass it undetected, the hoard will not appear, but engaging with it will always result in the hoard appearing.

If you don’t have the corruption cards, there are various ways to kill the snitch such as using frags, melee attacks, etc. Use one of your team as bait. Have them fire at the ridden and when it follows the players, the others can rain all the firepower on it. This way it will be dead before it can make the call.

So, that’s how to kill a Snitch without altering a Horde in Back 4 Blood.

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  1. Noted, if you throw a molotov or shoot a gas tank on fire, and the snitch walks over the fire, it will start screaming. If it catches on fire naturally, it won’t call out, if that’s what you meant.

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