Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Be an Effective Druid

Druid Tips

Melee Combat Tips

If you want to be an effective druid in melee combat I use the following tactic from 3rd level. Cast barkskin, bonus action shapechange to bear then move into combat. Next round and all rounds after use goad to get all melee attacking me use ranged and melee to pick them off. Need to heal just shapechange again as a bonus action.

At 6th level druids with circle of the moon gets better as the shapeshape is now cr2. This depends on what animals they have available. Normal is a giant Elk, polar bear, or Giant constrictor snake.

at 9th Level you get cr3 and this is a good one. Giant scorpion. 3 attacks and poison damage from the tail attack plus the 2 claw attacks can grapple.

At 10th level you get elemental wildshape.

Hang in there druids are tough at low level. Just remember you can concentrate on spells while in wild shape. Take war caster at 4th level.

Other Tips

Your a jack of all trades

  • You arent the best in anything just avarage in everything.
  • You can turn into a cat for heard to reach places.
  • Or a bear to tank…

You are the master of crowd control

  • Twisted vines, goodberry, healing. fire arrows, lightning storm.
  • A druid has a lot of options.

Classes dont come into there own until level 5

  • At level 5 you get the best summoning spell in the game.
  • You will have access to a lot of expendable summons.

To have fun as a druid ask yourself this:

  • What do i want to do now.
  • Do i want to sneak around?
    • Pass without trace.
  • Do i want to heal?
    • Cure wounds and healing word.
  • Do i want to crowd control?
    • Twisted vines.
  • Do i want to do damage?
    • Moonlight, lighting storm.
  • Do i want to light the area up?
    • Daylight.

A wizard has a spell for everything

  • A druid has a spell for everything but not as effective as a wizard.
  • But in return they can shapeshift, have good combat and healing.
  • But you need to choice what you want to focus on.
  • Do you want to be a frontline fighter?
  • Prepear spells that make that easier.
  • Want to be a spellcaster?
    • Load up offensive spells and stay in the background.

D&D reward specilization

Druid is unique due to being the only class that doesnt have to specialize to be good.


  • D&D until level 5 is lethal.
  • I dont know why but the first 5 levels 1 good hit can kill most character.
  • Even paladins can be 2 shoted.
  • You want high ac to avoid getting hit.
  • Not outhealing the damage.

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