Baldur’s Gate 3 – Tips to Effectively Clear Goblin Camp + Goblin Defiled Temple

Here’s a few tips how to effectively clear Goblin Camp + Goblin Defiled Temple.

Goblin Camp

Make way in, turn right and kill the group of show-and-tell goblins, make sure all your party members are as close to the wall as possible (the most you will pull is the Hogoblin that is patrolling). Then go on kill the drunken goblin guard by cliffside on the right where the show-and-tell goblins are.

You can either pre-fight Goblin Camp goblins by poison the drinks that should take care a couple but leaves Ogre and about 1/2 the force out there – or leave them be for now.

All the goblins and hogoblins on the top edges of the Goblin Camps can be sneak-killed, the drunken group are easily to dealt with, even if they wake up they can be killed easily.

Goblin Defiled Temple

Make sure you smack the wall above the Goblins Defiled Temple so you can exit from it (or enter now) later.

Once you done what you need to done – or you set to just murder them all without talking, Goblin Defiled Temple can be separate into x zones.

The group by the doorway of Goblin Defiled Temple can be separated off from the rest if you close the inner door leads deeper into the temple. Kill them from the top rows of archers first if you want.

The group of Zhent and Zhent Slaver doesn’t trigger anyone else in camp except the patrolling Goblin – kill him first asap before he sound war drum.

Travel to the other side where Volo, Lovitar Servant and Torture Room at and kill the Volo guards to pull the patrolling goblin in (he actually walks into that room in his route).

Kill the torturers.

The center of the Goblin Defiled Temple is where True Soul Gut (aka Princess Gut), you can pretend to join the Absolute and get branded and lead her to side room to kill her only and ease the center force. Or take them head on. Another way is you can try to release the gate to spiders early and the Goblins and Spiders will fight one another providing you don’t get close enough to get in the way and join fight, stay away and watch them kill each other.

Ogre on left wing of the Goblin Defiled Temple is easy.

Kill the guards that leads to Worg Pen/Prison and should leave you free from Minthara and Rozzark (sometimes it triggers sometimes not), just make sure all three goblins here are on the ground, if one is atop the platform above it triggers everyone in vicinity.

Flip over wall and kill Rozzak, Minthara and everyone else. If you can’t take them down quickly, use one hit get rid of the war drum all the way in the back asap so they can’t rally the whole camp and turn hostile.

Worg Pen/Prison is pretty straight forward – and “auto death” if you kill Draw Ragolin first.

Inner Goblin Defiled Temple is where Draw Ragolin and tons other at. By this point you have plenty barrels to spare – smokepowders, oil barrels, fire wine barrels. Position yourself on the ceiling and use the right angle to push barrels down below to blow them up. Certain areas won’t auto trigger fight as the powders/oil don’t get lit up (small though because fire is everywhere), either way they easy to dealt with with several barrels.

Spiders easy too.

Now backtrack out to the Goblin Camp through the top broken wall you be on the top edges of Goblin Camp, same thing grab a couple smokepowder or oil barrels (actually best), or you can placed them ahead before enter Goblin Defiled Temple and then attack them with fire once clearhouse Goblin Defiled Temple.


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