Baldur’s Gate 3 – What Items to Give Gale?

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Gale’s Item Guide


Item names may change with game updates and there may also be differences in adaptation to other languages.

Perhaps someone will meet bugs, but someone will not. If you encounter a problem – the guide provides all the information that can solve problems at the moment.

As he progresses through the story and receives approval from Gale, he will tell us that he needs to periodically absorb the Weave contained in powerful magic items, otherwise a terrible catastrophe will occur.

So how do you feed Gale magic items? Under all my green and blue items it was written that Gale could absorb them, but it was not clear how to give them to him, because he refused.

Don’t worry, it’s most likely a bug. It looks like a glitch in the code or something. Gale refused my first attempt at letting him consume the necklace. But you can not insist on it and wait for it to be fixed before breaking the character for the whole game save. Submit a bug report via the launcher and the developers will take care of it. Just give them time.

In the release version, he brought up the subject of consuming magic items early. It took him longer to tell me about it in Early Access. I wonder if the problem is some kind of issue that causes the conversation to start too early or something breaks in the files along the path of the plot.

Here are workarounds that worked for me:

  1. When the hunger tag first appears, do not interact with him when the (!) sign appears above his head Instead, transfer the artifact to his inventory, select him as a character, right-click on the artifact and select Consume. (You will also receive approval and dialogue, don’t worry!).
  2. Or just try to talk to him in the camp, and you can give him an item for food. When the hunger icon appeared and (!), I talked to him in the camp and got the opportunity to “feed” him with a magic item. Then a menu opened up and I could choose from all of my items.

Items Gale is interested in:

  • Idol of Silvanus – Stealing the Idol is a quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. The quest can be obtained during time of the first chapter. The idol is in a chest in Medvesych’s lair.
  • Iron flask – will be in the chest, so don’t forget the lockpicks or Astarion to grab, although you can bang with magic. There will be an option to uncork the flask, but it is better not to do this.
  • The Blade of Judgment is a two-handed weapon, the best that can be given to Laezel. Can apply +2 defense to any character until a long rest. If you do not want to take Laezel into the squad, feel free to feed Gale with this, he will be happy.
  • Selune’s Amulet – can be found in the Ruined Shrine. There, passing by the plot, you can break open the door. In the treasury of Ragzlin we will find some gold, the Amulet of the Chosen of Selune.
  • A strange book that we found – “Tai’s Necromancy” – after inserting a stone into it, was able to give it to Gale. Won’t work for Gale if you use it yourself, but you can talk to corpses.
  • Sword of justice – is located at the paladin, behind the mountain to the west from the grove of druids.
  • The Staff of Crons (or in another adaptation the Staff of the Witches) – can be found in the hag’s lair, in the location of the Tea House.

Important note: If Gale’s energy is not fed for a long time (as the story progresses), he may leave the squad.

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