Baldur’s Gate 3 – Secret / Hidden Loot to Find in Act 1

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of secret or hidden items for you to equip. Here’s some of the stuff I found.

(Missable) Nautiloid Ship: Defeat Commander Zhulik

If you defeat the devil boss in the tutorial, you can loot the uncommon martial two-handed melee weapon, Everburn Blade, from him. This must be done with the main character since you can’t access companions’ inventories during the opening section on the Nautiloid.

To achieve this, consider freeing ‘Us,’ the Intellect Devourer, and Shadowheart. Dispatch the three imps at the front of the room with basic attacks and cantrips, then focus on the boss. Utilize all available spell slots for damage. Timing Shadowheart’s ‘Guiding Bolt’ spell before the Mind Flayer acts can maximize damage on the boss. Saving and reloading may be necessary to secure critical hits with Shadowheart’s spells.

This weapon is highly valuable for Lae’zel, Fighter, Paladin, or Ranger PCs. It also adds aesthetic value in the overworld and provides exceptional melee damage potential in Act 1.

Wilderness, Forest

Next to the cliff where you meet Asterion, there’s a spot to jump down. Head to the alcove and move the rock to reveal a chest containing a Ruby worth 1600 gold. This helps snag early game items. Selling items depends on the character’s Charisma, with a 20 CHA character getting 50% of the value from Traders.

While not doable in Early Access, you can recruit Wyll, a Charisma-based Warlock, near the first Traders in Druid Grove. You can wait for Level 4, hitting the 18-19 benchmark, or recruit Wyll early and sell the gem for cash.

Dank Crypt

In the Upper Layers of the Temple where Shadowheart is found, you can enter by tricking the door man, picking the lock, or breaking the tiling with the rock. In a library-like room with a statue, passing a Perception check reveals a button unlocking the deeper section.

One side of the temple has a large sarcophagus with a booby trap, a lance, and a key. Use boxes and vases to subdue gas vents (at least six). Traps shoot exploding fireballs if not disabled. You can separate your cast to one side of the room, leaving one character to stop traps.

Inside the sarcophagus is The Watcher’s Guide, an uncommon two-handed melee spear, and a key.

Regarding the lance, True Strike works with ranged or spell attacks now. It’s been upgraded to be Versatile, making it better than Shadowheart’s Mace.

Use the key on the large doors across from the Sarcophagus room for more loot. It’s safe until you press a button by the statue. Wake up 4-5 Skeletons (one stronger). Defeat them to explore the room safely. Inside, find a necklace for casting Speak With Dead at Level 3 multiple times daily, but once per corpse.

Open the sarcophagus for the Very Rare Amulet, The Amulet of Lost Souls, and an undead skeleton friend. He revives dead companions at camp for 200 gold if you’re out of Scrolls of Revivify.

Just Outside Druid Grove

After the skirmish outside the Druid Grove, loot the defeated Goblins, especially the goblin Boss, Za’Krug, who carries Uncommon Gloves called Gloves of Power.

Be cautious if you haven’t received the Mark of the Absolute from Priestess Gut, as it will debuff both your character and any enemies they hit.

Asterion, as a Thief, is adept with these gloves. Equip him with two Light one-handed weapons for up to four attacks in a turn, activating the Bane effect. Shadowheart, your cleric, prefers Hellrider’s Pride or Herbalist’s Gloves for healing.

Without the Mark of the Absolute, using these gloves is risky due to the self-inflicted Bane effect. Instead, consider alternative glove options.

Traverse a tall rock plateau just outside Druid Grove (X: ~170, Y: ~370) to find a wooden battlement overlooking a campsite. Examine the skeleton in the center to find an uncommon amulet, Rusty Necklace.

Guidance is a valuable spell, providing a 1d4 bonus to ANY skill check. It’s beneficial for characters not focusing on concentration, particularly in parties without Shadowheart. Apply it to characters like Thief Asterion or Battle Master Lae’Zel. Use it when you need a social skill roll against Shadowheart.

Further down the Forest path, outside the Blighted Village, on the left side, there’s a hidden treasure chest at X:80 Y:349. It was labeled “Hidden Goblin Cache” on my map. Inside, you’ll find uncommon Gauntlets called Fleetfingers.

(Missable) Druid Grove, Traders

Entering the Druid Grove, you’ll spot a Halfling Merchant by a statue. You can trade with him for healing potions, scrolls, and magic items. One notable item is the Uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff called Rain Dancer.

Summoning Water might not seem very useful at first, but it’s a handy utility for Wizards, especially considering the abundance of fire encounters. Although Wizards don’t typically engage in melee combat, having this option early on can be beneficial. However, the early staff Corellon’s Grace is usually the better choice.

Next is the the Uncommon Light Armor, Leather Armor+1.

No gimmicks here, it’s just 1 point better than normal Leather armour. A nice but expensive upgrade for Asterion, Wyll, or the PC. Don’t stress too much about it though, you can get Studded Leather – which offers the same level of protection as Leather Armour+1 – rather easily by going to the Sunlit Wetlands and defeating the Hag’s Masked Henchmen.

Third is the Uncommon amulet, Amulet of Elemental Torment.

I didn’t consider this necklace when I first saw it. It might be strong early on, but I’ve found that there’s a lot of necklace options in Act 1.

Lastly, Arron sells the Uncommon one-handed melee weapon, Dragon’s Grasp.

A nice off-hand weapon for a Rogue.

I missed the Blacksmith, Dammon, the first time I came through. He carries a lot of decent weapons, armor, gloves, and helmets. You probably will not be able to afford everything he has the first time you come through. His inventory seems to be semi-random, offering a random assortment of +1 weapons and might change over time or between playthroughs. Here are some things I’ve found in his store.

It seems like he always has Blooded Greataxe as an “exclusive”…

Uncommon Two-Handed Martial Melee Weapon, Blooded Greataxe.

As well as Uncommon Medium Armor, Scale Mail Armour+1.


Dammon seems to sell a variety of +1 Weapons. I’ve found Quarterstaves, Mauls, Light Crossbows and on subsequent visits. It seems fair to say he sells +1 Weapons.

Uncommon Melee Weapon, Dagger+1.

Uncommon Melee Weapon, Handaxe+1.

Uncommon Melee Weapon, Light Hammer+1. (Note that this is a different Light Hammer+1 than what appears near the Arcane Tower later).

Uncommon Martial Versatile Melee Weapon, Longsword+1

Uncommon Two-Handed Ranged Weapon, Shortbow+1.

Uncommon Martial Melee Weapon, Trident+1.

At some point (after your first visit?), Auntie Ethel will leave her little store front for her house in Sunlit Wetlands.

When you first arrive, she is willing to sell you an uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon, Corellon’s Grace. It’s generally preferable over Rain Dancer. One offers an almost constantly useful bonus and the other is a niche utility option. Both of them cost money to purchase at this moment in the story.

She also sells an uncommon heavy longbow, Spellthief.

If you miss it…

If you miss the opportunity to purchase them from her now, you can loot it from her or buy it later depending on how you interact with her at her house (see below).

(Missable) Druid Grove: Quests and NPCs

There is a locked chest behind a pillar near Alfira, on the path away from the Beach. You can unlock it for an uncommon helmet, The Cap of Curing.

This interacts with the Bard features, and as such, is only presently usable for Bard PCs.

If you go down toward the beach from the Druid’s Grove, you’ll encounter a sidequest as a boy is attacked by Harpies.

If you open the chest at the bottom of the first rock plateau, you can find an item randomly.

If you follow the rock outcroppings, you will find their nest which hides an Uncommon ring, Ring of Colour Spray.

Proceeding in the opposite direction of the Harpy Quest is a second smaller shoreline where a bear named Ormn is fishing. If you move the flat rock, you’ll find a stealable uncommon amulet, Amulet of Silvanus underneath.

This one eluded me for awhile, so here’s a picture of it.

Note that if you approach the rock directly, Ormn will attack you.

In the water area, with a character having non-negative STR mod, find a wooden chest containing a bloodstone worth about 75 gp.

Between the Druid’s Inner Sanctum, the Wilderness, and the platform behind Senna’s jail cell is a separate room.

In Druid Grove, you’ll find Two Tieflings considering the fate of a Goblin prisoner. Resolve it as you wish.

After the conversation, go to the back of the cage to find a platform. If you pass a perception check, the door will be open.

Inside, there’s a cavern with 4 Goblins harassing a gnome (who’s at 1 HP, not necessary to save him).

Be cautious entering: the statue on the right side shoots fireballs when you reach the first mud patch. You can shoot the statue with bows or sneak past it. There are also glowing plaques labeled Aspect of the X near the statues which can disable the turrets.

Deal with the goblins. On the right side, near the bend leading upward, you can jump to an island (expect fall damage). The island has a corpse with a key for the chest at the top of the bend. Jump back across, climb the bend, and claim your prize: Nature’s Snare, an uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff.

I personally do not believe this is a particularly good quarterstaff. Melee characters that would like enemies to be Ensnared have access to better options, while spellcasters like Gale would prefer something like Corellon’s Grace for Utility.

It is possible you might find your way to this passageway if you seek Nettie for help, but I haven’t tested it.

If the Gnome, Findal dies, you can loot an uncommon helmet, Arcane Circlet off of him that gives +1 to Nature. If he survives, he will be an ally present in the Emerald Grove if you confront Kagha. (He basically just heals himself but his presence will draw some fire off of you.)

The circlet is missable if you save Findal’s life. The +1 bonus to Nature checks isn’t particularly worth pursuing in general. If he dies, take it, but I find him more useful as a meat shield for confronting the Shadow Druids.

As part of the interaction with some of your favorite neighborhood wannabe Thieves’ Guild, you can get the ‘Magic’ Ring. This is most easily done with Astarion or a Rogue. As of Act 1, it just has the fancy name color.

If you manage to persuade Kagha to not kill Arabella, her mother will give you the uncommon amulet, Cherished Locket.

If Arabella dies, her mother won’t reward you.

Dancing Lights is alright but not crucial for your character’s growth. There are better necklace options for now and later.

Being honest with Nettie about your condition might lead to her giving you Wyvern Poison as a solution to the “becoming a Mind Flayer” issue, possibly needing Persuasion skill checks.

If Arabella dies, her mother will poison Kagha in retaliation.

Check the chest hidden away from where Nettie is, watching your stealth. You’ll find a note revealing Kagha’s meeting at the Twisted Tree in the Bog.

After battling Mephits and Moads, find a secret panel in the Twisted Tree uncovering Kagha’s coup plans with Shadow Druids. Convincing her with Nature/Persuasion checks might work, but Loic and Marcoyl will stick with Kagha’s choice. If you saved Findal in the tunnel with Nature’s Wrath, he’ll aid in the fight.

Kagha drops the uncommon amulet, Broodmother’s Revenge, upon her demise.

I do not believe you can get Broodmother’s Revenge without Kagha dying (but I’m not 100% certain).

If you investigate Kagha (see above), you’ll discover the Shadow Druid plot. Regardless of whether or not Kagha lives, Zevlor will give you some uncommon gloves, Hellrider’s Pride.

If you miss obtaining the gloves (by handling Kagha, eliminating Zevlor, etc.) before the Tieflings leave, they’ll be gone.

The gauntlets outshine standard metallic ones from vendors thanks to their perk. However, this perk is most useful for characters with healing spells and armor proficiencies like Shadowheart or a Ranger/Paladin PC.

Unlock a Hidden Vault by bringing Halsin back to the Grove or stealing the Wolf Rune from Rath.

Once you have the Wolf Rune, return it to the statue near Nettie. This action reveals a secret staircase leading to a hidden vault. Inside, you’ll find the rare two-handed martial melee glaive weapon, Sorrow, resting on the table.

The extra reach is nice, but by the time I found it, I’d already cleared out Shattered Sanctum and the Goblins, meaning it had quite a few alternatives to compete with. The effect, while flavorful, is not something I see being beneficial. There aren’t any sort of pain synergies at the moment. Even a barbarian who might want to use the pain effect to keep their Rage up, should still keep it up if they make an attack. It’s a shame it’s worth so little coin too.

In a box on the right, are the uncommon clothing, Robes of Summer.

This is one of only two alternative magic robes I’ve seen. If/When we get monks this is an easy pick for them as they don’t care for the Poisoner’s Robes, but in the context of a Wizard it’s a situational offense/defense choice.

In one of the three stacked crates on the left side, is a single vial of the rare potion Wyvern Poison. You can use it to help burst down an enemy you’re struggling with.

Owlbear Cave and Reforging the True Soul Spear

After defeating the Mother Owlbear, safely loot the skeleton in the back. No need to harm the cub for exploration. It wears uncommon Medium Armour, The Oak Father’s Embrace.

In the shrine area, locate a magically sealed box. Jump to the statue’s area. With a Perception check, spot the prayer sheet. Any character (except Shadowheart) can open the box by reading the sheet. Shadowheart may object but can be persuaded with a DC 10 Persuade check. Inside find goodies like the uncommon necklace, Moondrop Pendant.

Two parts of a weapon, found in the body of a dying dwarf (True Soul M…) and the mother Owlbear, form an uncommon two-handed melee weapon, Vision of the Absolute.

Few creatures with multiple eyes roam freely (one in the Underdark and one after opening the bottle for the Zhentarim escort mission), but blinding chance is useful.

Sunlit Wetlands / Putrid Bog

On the island where some Mud Mephits and are standing next to a tree across the river, (the one you go to for Kagha’s Conspiracy quest), there is a chest facing away from the mainland behind the tree.

It can contain a pair of uncommon gloves, The Sparkle Hands.

Something isn’t quite right at Auntie Ethel’s Teahouse. If you pursue the matter, Auntie Ethel will have to make a showing. If you didn’t buy it from her in Druid Grove, she’ll drop an uncommon two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon, Corellon’s Grace if you did not buy it from her earlier…

And an uncommon necklace Tarnished Charm.

At the bottom of Ancient Abode, you will find the uncommon amulet, Ever-Seeing Eye on an altar, and the rare two-handed melee quarterstaff weapon Staff of Crones across from a set of potions.

There is also a wand on the altar (Bitter Divorce) that you can pick up for the sidequest to give to the woman, or keep yourself. I didn’t keep the wand, but I believe it works as an infinite use spell scroll to summon a zombie body. (Paladins beware, using the wand – even to help Mayrina – can break your Oath!)

Blighted Village, Cellar, and Whispering Depths

A trio of Orcs stand guard inside a house in the Blighted Village. While the other two Orcs can be kited more cleverly from outside the houses’ windows with bows and spells, Lurk himself will cast spells like Mirror Image, Firebolt on top of making use of his great strength. His uncommon helmet, Warped Headband of Intellect can be looted from.

As of newer patches of the game, this only increases the INT stat to 17. Which is strictly worse than both the standard 19, and not particularly useful outside of Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters who need to increase INT for their spells.

In a locked chest almost right next to the teleportation rune, there is a rare helmet, Haste Helm A+ item for speedy characters like Astarion.

A group of goblins and Wargs are hounding a gnome on a windmill in the back of the town. If you attack and kill Fezzerk, you can acquire an uncommon heavy martial weapon Very Heavy Greataxe.

If you open the hatch into the basement of the mill, you can find a heavy chest that contains the rare boots, The Speedy Lightfeet.

Looking inside the bottom of the Well can reveal a mini-dungeon (requires some skill checks to access) with Ettins, Shift Spiders and a beefy Spider queen with around ~130 HP. A lab near the dungeon’s entrance has uncommon boots Spiderstep Boots which will protect you from being affected by Web and similar effects.

A little way’s off in the room that the Ettins and Phase Spiders are patrolling, there is a corpse next to a bag labelled ‘Apprentice’s Pack. Inside is an uncommon ring, Spurred Band.

At the end of the dungeon is the Spider Queen who will summon small shift Spiders with 5 HP to swarm you. I recommend using a Potion of Giant Strength (purchasable from Auntie Ethel in the Druid Grove) to push the Queen off of the rock outings for ~50 damage a pop, or shooting out the webs beneath her if she stands on one. After defeating her, you will find uncommon clothing, Poisoner’s Robes, a Story gem worth some money, and a Rune to warp outside.

The robes are currently available for Gale or a Wizard PC. To utilize them effectively, you need to acquire Poison Spray or one of the other poison spells. This enhances their usefulness compared to default attire.

If you prefer not to use Poison spells, you can sell the robes for cash. However, they seem to be the only set of robes found so far. Despite poison’s common resistance in 5E, it’s still somewhat viable for Gale.

There’s also a Dark Amethyst that grants access to the Necromancy of Thay (details below).

Adjacent to the Blighted Village warp room, there are large double doors leading to a secret workshop in a cellar. This workshop serves as an entry point to the Whispering Depths. Inside, you’ll find a partially constructed “Masterwork” weapon:

It’s an Uncommon Martial Melee Weapon called the Steelforged Sword. Be cautious opening the chest on the ground floor, as it may explode! However, inside, you’ll discover a journal providing specific instructions on using Sussur Bark (a tree from the Underdark) to complete the weapon.

There are at least three options: Sussur Greatsword, Sussur Dagger, and Sussur Sickle. All three are formed by taking a common, ordinary variant of weapon and combining it with the forge. The result is a Rare +1 variant. The Sussur weapons have a chance to activate a Silence effect, making the target unable to cast spells and immune to thunder damage. You can use it as a Mage Killer.

In the cellar of the building of the glyph, there is a mini-dungeon where you can obtain The Necromancy of Thay, a book. The key to the gate can be found on a shelf leading back to the ladder outside. It can be found behind the stone slab protected by gargoyles (either disarm the plate the book is on or escape by turning on turn-based mode). You can destroy it by casting Guiding Bolt on it from Shadowheart, or from a scroll (even without opening the door).

There is also a chest in the primary laboratory that has an uncommon circlet, Circlet of Fire.

Risen Road

There is a sidequest that involves examining the stories of an injured Tiefling and a party of four defending a house near by.

Regardless of whether you choose to side with the injured Tiefling or Anders, Sword of Tyr, you can get his uncommon martial two-handed melee greatsword weapon, Sword of Justice as either a reward or loot. (It’s been demoted from uncommon.)

If you travel into the building’s basement where you meet Anders, you’ll find a secret cache of weapons and armor. Apart from some common helmets and gauntlets, there is also an uncommon two-handed melee weapon, Greataxe+1.

As these are both two-handed heavy weapons, and you probably don’t have two party members who want to use both (maybe the Fighter PC with Lae’Zel?), the choice between them boils down to consistency.

The Sword of Justice deals average damage more often than the Greataxe, but the Greataxe hits its peaks more frequently. However, the Sword of Justice also offers a Shield of Faith once per rest, exchanging concentration for an AC boost similar to a shield.

Both weapons share a Short rest effect (Cleave) and a +1 Enchantment to hit/damage.

The uncommon Gloves of Succour, introduced in Patch 9 for Paladins, are found in the hidden room near the Greataxe+1. They alter the Lay on Hands feature.

There are some gnolls attacking two guys in a cave in the mountains of Risen Road. If you defeat the Gnoll Warlord, she’ll drop a rare one-handed melee weapon, Shattered Flail.

On the corpse of a dead caravan agent near the melee with Flind, is the uncommon magic weapon Speedy Reply.

After rescuing the two men, you can choose to persuade or eliminate them to access the chest. Inside, there’s a canteen holding a trapped Spectator, a variant of the Beholder with 90 HP. While the chest doesn’t offer immediate benefits, your decision regarding the Zhentarim scheme may become clearer in Act 2.

If you keep the bottle unopened or let them keep it, you might persuade the Zhentarim lookout to sell items near the Githyanki patrol. Check the Zhentarim Hideout for details.

In a locked chest at the cave’s rear, where the men hid, you’ll discover the uncommon gauntlets, Reason’s Grasp.

On the river level, away from the one-horned Tiefling, is a skeleton hidden in a bush. On it is an uncommon ring, Smuggler’s Ring.

The Flaming Fist are tryng to put out a fire a pit westward of the gnolls. Save the Advisor to the Archduke and she’ll give you the choice of three rare weapons:

The Sparky Points, The Joltshooter, and The Spellsparkler.

All three have a similar effect, the weapon type is just different. Between these three, I think the Joltshooter is probably the most splashable between your crew. The Spellsparkler only wants to be used by a dedicated spellcaster (Gale) meaning it can’t combo with armor pieces like The Jolty Vest, while the Sparky Points is only doing 1d6 in one hand or 1d8 in two, meaning Martials that have the armor proficiencies are doing less damage.

(Missable) Zhentarim Hideout: Trader, Brem

If you rescued the two men from Flind and her Gnolls on Risen Road and ensured they kept their cargo intact, they’ll report back positively to their boss, Zarys. Speak with her, and she’ll grant you permission to obtain Brem’s magic items.

Alternatively, you can gain access to Brem by saving them and then persuading or intimidating them successfully to hand over the cargo.

Brem’s vendor inventory appears to be semi-random. While some items are consistent, a few others vary.

  • Uncommon Light Armour, Studded Leather Armour+1
  • Uncommon Martial Two-Handed Ranged Weapon, Longbow+1
  • Uncommon Martial Melee Weapon, Rapier+1
  • Uncommon Martial Two-Handed Melee Weapon, Halberd+1
  • Uncommon Melee Weapon, Dagger+1
  • Uncommon Medium Armor, The Jolty Vest
  • Rare Heavy Crossbow, Giantbreaker

(Missable) Mountain Pass

At the edge of the map leading out of the overworld area are some Githyanki Knights. If you fight them (and it’s a rather tough fight, even at Level 5) you can defeat the Githyanki warriors for their weapons.

The Greatsword is a good weapon for Lae’Zel if you somehow missed The Everburn Blade on the Nautiloid, the Longsword and Crossbow don’t have any unique properties beyond the +1 bonus.

(Missable) Goblin Camp

Crusher the Goblin has a rare ring, Crusher’s Ring. When equipped, it gives the wearer more base movement speed.

This is especially useful for melee fighters, like the Thief Astarion, who benefit greatly from extra movement. It enhances every Dash action, enabling swift maneuvering around the battlefield.

Wood Elves and Half-Elves also appreciate this boost, with a base speed of 13.5 m (150% of the normal value). However, it might be excessive for Wood Elf Monks, albeit amusing.

Trader Grat offers basic +1 weapons and occasionally sells uncommon Martial Two-Handed Weapon, Doom Axe. Beware, harming Goblin leaders will turn him hostile, along with the rest of the camp.

Uncommon Martial melee weapon, War Pick+1.

Uncommon Two-handed melee weapon, Greatclub+1.

Note that the uncommon two-handed martial melee weapon, Greatsword+1 is strictly a worse Sword of Justice that you have to pay for.

In more recent patches, I’ve seen him sell these uncommon boots, Boots of Aid and Comfort.

Near the Teleportation Circle, “inside” the statue area for Selune is a ladder that leads upwards. On that first level, past the skeleton is an uncommon, Glowing Shield.

(Some Missable) Shattered Sanctum

If you fight and defeat Princess Gut, she will have a number of things in her belongings, including these two goodies. The uncommon shield, Absolute’s Warboard and the uncommon amulet, Absolute’s Talisman.

To avoid penalties, consider negotiating with her for the mark of the absolute before rescuing the Bear or ensuring it doesn’t accompany you after saving it. Trying to use the shield without the brand will continually impose a Bane effect on you.

The shield lets you cast a modified Shield of Faith once daily.

Facing Priestess Gut on her throne can be challenging, but you can have a private conversation with her in her chambers using a single character. Separate your chosen character from the party by dragging them away from the chains in the bottom left corner. Other party members can enter separately, hiding in the corner until the fight begins. Then, take your hidden characters and attack. You can also set traps around her (like explosive barrels) to deal damage.

Defeating Dror Ragzlin, Warlord of the Absolute, rewards you with the versatile melee weapon Faithbreaker. It’s a good upgrade for Shadowheart from her default mace or a generic shortsword.

Defeating Minthara, the Drow Cleric of the Absolute, will give you the uncommon one-handed melee weapon, Xyanyde, an uncommon Light Armour Spidersilk Armour, and uncommon boots, Boots of Striding.

There is also a gilded chest to the side of her “desk” that contains the rare boots The Watersparkers.

Unfortunately, Xyanyde’s effectiveness has been reduced. It was one of the top offensive support weapons, particularly against large, single targets with 50+ HP. Applying Faerie Fire to a melee foe enabled Asterion to reliably unleash Sneak Attacks. Though still usable for this purpose, it’s now limited to once per short rest, diminishing its reliability compared to previous versions where it triggered after each miss.

The boots are ideal for Shadowheart, Eldritch Knights, Clerics, Rangers, and Paladins with Medium Armor Proficiency and Spellcasting.

Defeating Torturer Spike rewards you with an uncommon two-handed melee weapon, Jagged Spear. The exact effect of the Maim ability is unclear as I haven’t tested it extensively.

If any Goblin Leaders send a call for help, the rest of the Shatter Sanctum and Goblin forces outside will turn hostile permanently. Eliminate them discreetly to avoid alerting others. Priestess Gut is vulnerable while alone in her chambers. Utilize stealth and surprise attacks effectively.

Roah, a Halfling trader in the Goblin Fortress, sells various magic items. Her inventory may vary for different players, possibly randomized like Dammon in Druid Grove. Here’s a picture of her initial offerings.

  • Uncommon Melee Weapon, Dagger+1
  • Uncommon Martial Two-handed Melee Weapon, Greatsword+1
  • Uncommon Two-handed Ranged Weapon, Longbow+1
  • Maul+1
  • Shortsword+1
  • Uncommon Medium Armor, Chain Shirt+1

I’ve found an uncommon ring, The Whispering Promise and 16 AC Heavy Armor in her inventory too.

Important to Note: Roah will no longer function as a friendly merchant if you slay the Goblin Leaders, but she will not be immediately hostile. She and her guards will lock themselves up in their little room. It is possible to blow them up fairly easily, but I’ve never seen as many magical items on their bodies as I see in Roah’s inventory as a Trader.

Outside the Worg Pens is a Skeleton lying in the remains of an open casket. It has a rare ring, Ring of Poison Resistance. Poison doesn’t seem to be a particularly significant threat, but it’s a magic ring!

In the pen with the two worgs (not Halsin/The Bear’s) there are remains of people. If you examine one of the piles, you will find the uncommon melee weapon, Worgfang. A rather useful off-hand weapon for clearing out Shattered Sanctum.

In a chest near the Suspicious Meat where the two Goblins stand when you come in is a chest containing an amulet. It is considered stealing to take it while the Goblins are alive, and they will warn you not to touch it.

One of the more important Goblins is wearing a set of rare boots, Linebreaker Boots

You can use the uncommon amulet Beastmaster’s Chain to talk to Scratch, the Owlbear, and the rats inside Shattered Sanctum at the very least.

There is a small balcony behind the Warlord’s throne that is filled with ornate chests. In one of them is a rare amulet, Amulet of Selune’s Chosen, rare boots, Springstep Boots, and the uncommon Helmet, Helmet of Grit. It is a minor healing Cantrip that recharges on a long rest, making it a good out-of-combat heal or a mid-combat heal for Elves. Getting access to this amulet likely requires at least meeting the Warlord (I don’t think you can walk up the stairs on either side without triggering his introduction event).

On the table to the right of Abdirak are an uncommon melee weapon, Ritual Dagger, and an uncommon melee weapon, Ritual Axe.

In a chest in the Defiled Temple area behind True Soul Gut’s chamber, I found a chest holding the uncommon necklace Ilmater’s Aid.

Friendly NPCs Post Shattered Sanctum

For rescuing Volo from the Shattered Sanctum (and possibly allowing him to examine you?) you will receive uncommon light armour, Blazer of Benevolence.

If you defeat the three Leaders in the Shattered Sanctum, Zevlor will offer a goodie bag that contains the uncommon helmet, Wapira’s Crown. If you deny the gold/reward, the item appears to be lost.

Underdark (In General)

A pair of Minotaurs are wandering the Underdark near the Fort, beyond the Rapport Spores. One of them is carrying an uncommon amulet, Amulet of the Unworthy.

I don’t exactly know how I got to this spot, so I’m going to show a map location for “where is this?”

There is a Deep Gnome corpse that holds a sword.

I think this is a solid weapon choice for Asterion’s Primary Hand/Sneak Attack: if you can Backstab unaware enemies, you can remove a solid chunk of health or eliminate weaker enemies outright.

The uncommon martial melee weapon, Shortsword of First Blood.

Not too far away, there is an encounter with some Duergar. Their Leader, Gekh Coal, the Slave-Hunter can be fought for a two-handed Axe. When he and his minions are defeated, you can talk to Soverign Shaw for access to a Very Rare Cowl.

The uncommon two-handed martial melee weapon, Exterminator’s Axe.

Inside a cave are some Kuo’Toa worshipping BOOOAL. If you kill Pooldripp the Zealous, he will drop a rare melee weapon, Sickle of BOOOAL

A 1d4 weapon lacks punch, but when paired with other “Slash” type weapons, it can cause bleeding as an off-hand attack.

By the water, behind the area, there’s a message in a bottle mentioning Tiefling villagers from Druid Grove. Not sure how crucial it is.

Near the Arcane Tower and Underdark – Beach Runes, you’ll find a Heavy Chest holding Drow Studded Leather. Though not magical, it provides 12+DEX and a slight Stealth boost. Look around this area.

The common light armour, Drow Studded Leather Armour.

Near the Arcane Tower, there is a small alcove that you can jump to where a corpse is just hanging out. If you loot it, you’ll find an uncommon helmet, Helmet of Autonomy.

It’s kind of in a weird spot, so here’s a picture of the map where I found it. If you climb the rockface downwards, you’ll descend into The Festering Cove.

Outside the Selunite Outpost amongst the various bodies is the common two-handed melee weapon, Staff of the Moonmaiden. I don’t know what special properties it has, if any.

A little farther down the path there is the uncommon martial versatile weapon, Phalar Aluve. It’s set up visually as a “sword in the stone” situation.

Inside the outpost, at the highest level behind a hidden wall on the right side (coming from the Goblin area) is the uncommon medium armour, Chain of Liberation.

More obviously outside the hidden wall is a locked chest that contains the uncommon helmet, Helmet of Smiting.

More properly into the Underdark there is an encounter with a Spectator who will unpetrify Drow in the area to throw as minions at you. One of them, Dhourn – Initiate of the Living Library is carrying an uncommon amulet, The Blast Pendant.

Defeating the Bullete that is running around will earn you the rare clothing, Bloodguzzler’s Garb.

The rare quarterstaff, Mourning Frost, can be built by collecting its pieces throughout the Underdark.

One of which can be found on Dhourn (the named Drow from the Specator fight), One of which can be found on the Drow corpse inside the Myconid Colony (either by sneaking in or being let in by Shaw), and the last of which can be found on Filro the Forgotten, wandering near some Hook Horrors near the Sussur Tree. The three pieces are all named Icy _, but appear as Common items.

They can be forged together in your inventory by using the Combine prompt.

Underdark (Arcane Tower)

At the Arcane Tower, there is an unlockable chest behind the 1st Arcane Turret. Inside is a uncommon one-handed melee weapon, Skybreaker.

There are a set of boots called “Mystra’s Grace” hidden in a “Chest of the Mundane” inside on the right balcony. Multiple people have confirmed that the boots give Feather Fall, but I’m not sure if it’s a once a day thing. I suggest using it at the fight at the top of the tower so your characters don’t get killed from the fall.

The common boots, Mystra’s Grace.

Inside the tower, in a small chest near the bottom across from one of the elevator entrances, is a rare amulet, Uncovered Mysteries.

On the fourth floor (one above the ‘main gate’) is a chest in front of a bed. Inside is the uncommon ring, The Mage’s Friend.

Defeating Bernard, Guardian of the Enchanted Tower will earn you the uncommon Ring, Guiding Light…

and the common martial two-handed melee weapon, Light of Creation.

If you walk near the center ring, it’ll reveal a secret invisible up button (it may require a perception check or the Sunwalker’s Gift? I don’t know what the trigger is). Take the elevator up, and you’ll find another layer of the tower where you can get the uncommon two-handed melee weapon, Staff of Arcane Blessing.

This is strong competition for Corellon’s Grace. Bless is one of the best spells in the game, and if you aren’t concentrating on something else, it’s a solid choice at base for your concentration. This just makes them even better. However, concentration is an expanding cost, and this may not hold up if you need the staff’s wielder to be routinely concentrating on other things. As your characters level up higher and higher, this may fall off as Bless becomes a less common spell for your party.

There is also an uncommon ring, The Sparkswall in a nearby chest.

Don’t forget to pick up a Tongue of Madness and Tinmask spores (both are mushrooms). You’ll bring them to the friendly mindflayer in the Myconid Colony.

On the highest floor, in the one corner is a “Stool of Hill Giant Strength”. If you break it, a character will roll to see if they can tell that one of the stool legs can be used as the uncommon weapon, Club of Hill Giant Strength.

There also seems to be a hidden hole in the basement wall that can be perceived with a Perception check, but clicking on it doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

(Some Missable) Underdark, Ebonlake Grotto

Living in a Myconoid colony is a Hobgoblin Trader named Blurg. He has several items available for purchase.

The rare helmet, Circlet of Blasting is a nice replacement for an Level 4 18 INT Wizard (Gale), or for someone who doesn’t have any other good headwear.

An unusual ring, Sunwalker’s Gift, grants Darkvision, enabling the wearer to see in darkness. Shadowheart and Astarion possess Darkvision naturally, while Wyll can acquire it as a Warlock. This benefit mainly aids Gale, Lae’Zel, and specific PC races (Human, Halfling, Githyanki).

Following that is the rare amulet, The Psychic Spark.

I truly missed the original Sapphire Sparks. The Psychic Spark serves as a more balanced version of the Sapphire Sparks, offering a 1/long rest casting of Magic Missile and adding one dart to the count, which remains valuable. However, its power is not as exceptional early on; the Sapphire Sparks provided an extra 1d4 psychic damage per dart.

Our sassy merchant friend Derryth Bonecloak has a number of toys.

The uncommon two-handed martial ranged weapon, Heavy Crossbow+1.

The uncommon two-handed ranged weapon, Light Crossbow+1.

The uncommon two-handed ranged weapon, Shortbow+1.

The uncommon gloves, Herbalist’s Gloves.

The Herbalist Gloves suit Shadowheart or another healer well. The bows vary in power and cost. Early Access characters lack Extra Attack, so the loading property isn’t a downside. The Heavy Crossbow+1 is ideal for Lae’Zel pre-Level 5. The Light Crossbow+1 suits other ranged attackers (excluding Wyll with Eldritch Blast). The Shortbow+1 might excel for characters gaining Extra Attack at Level 5 due to Crossbows’ loading attribute.

If you rescue her husband from Bibberbang near town, she’ll offer a choice: Gloves of Fire Resistance or Gloves of Flint and Steel.

Near the other trader’s house/tent, is a hidden “building” who entrance is a mess of vines you can part with a Perception check (although entering appears to be breaking and entering). Inside is a uncommon helmet, Shadow of Menzoberranzan.

Clear the Duergar from Decrepit Village for Soverign Shaw to unlock the house and obtain the cowl. Inside, find a drow corpse with a book on Adamantine preparation. If you have the Duergar antidote, give it to the Runaway deep gnome slave to learn about her escape. She’ll offer her Boots of Speed as thanks.

After getting Tinmask Spores and Tongue of Madness mushrooms from the Arcane Tower, return them to Omeluum. He will try to draft a potion with them to remove the parasite. It’ll fail, but he’ll offer to trade you an alternative solution: the rare ring, Ring of Psionic Protection.

You can buy from him:

  • An uncommon ring, Ring of Restorative Gravity
  • An uncommon amulet, Amulet of Misty Step
  • An uncommon weapon, Creation’s Echo

Boat Ride from Underdark to Gyrmforge

To get to Gyrmforge, ride the boat led behind by the slavers in the beach encounter in the Underdark.

You will be stopped by another boat of Duergar. If you fight them, you can jump to the otherwise and open a chest on their boat that contains the uncommon weapon, Intransigent Warhammer.

Interact with your rudder when you’re ready to leave.

Gyrmforge (General)

Running up the stairs to right from the skiff, past the Deep Rotes, are some skeletons belonging to Dark Justicars. On one of their corpses you can find uncommon armour, Dark Justicar Mail.

Up the stairs towards the last skeleton there is a chest hidden behind some barrels. Unlocking it will reveal a uncommon weapon Light Crossbow+1. Upon picking it up, your character will attempt a skill check automatically. Upon success, it’s name will update to its true form, Sharran Crossbow. It does not appear to functionally any different.

Moving a bit deeper into the darkness of the forge by climbing and platforming, you can find a trapped, locked heavy chest. Inside is an uncommon shield, The Real Sparky Sparkswall.

In this area, there’s a pit with three mimics and a ‘Toy Chest’. One of the Mimics drops rare boots, Boots of Brillance. Interact with the Toy Chest to spawn a secret booby-trapped scroll revealing details between the Emerald Enclave and the Harpers.

Speak to Sergeant Thrinn in the “main” chamber. Offer her back the Boots of Speed (refer to Underdark). She will allegedly give you an uncommon armour, Robust Chain Shirt, and an uncommon ring, Bracing Band. You can reclaim the Boots by killing her.

On the other side of the docks, find two duergar throwing Deep gnome corpses into the water. Ask if they’re checking for loot. They’ll sarcastically answer no. Pass a difficult DC 20 sleight of hand check to pocket a rare ring, Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands.

From the climactic battle with Nere Vs. Elder Brithvar:

Elder Brithvar: Uncommon weapon, Deep Delver.

Nere: Rare Boots, Disintegrating Night Walkers

Uncommon Weapon, Sword of Screams

Uncommon Weapon, Dagger+1

Sergaent Thrinn: Uncommon Ring, Ring of Absolute Force

Thudd: Rare Helmet, Cap of Wrath

On the other side, near where the Shar skeletons were, there’s another cave-in you can open up with Bombs that leads to the upper rafters. One path on the right has a long classic looking video game fire death trap.

Reach the end for a Gilded Chest containing uncommon clothes The Protecty Sparkswall.

Alternatively, about halfway through an iron ladder drops down to a small platform with levers. Ignore it, and jump across to the platform in the center for a Longsword Mould

Follow the platform to a quick switch puzzle (shoot the right lever with a bow to raise the platform up to you, jump on, shoot the left lever to move across, and shoot the right lever again to arrive at the same level as your destination). When you get across you should find a Mace Mould and a Waypoint!

Go a little farther for an encounter with some Animated Armour to find the Scale Mail Mould.

I lost track of where I found it on this path, but there’s an uncommon helmet, Dark Justicar Helm on a corpse somewhere between the bombed wall and the forge.

Just past the Scale Mail Mould is an uncommon Helmet, Dark Justicar Mask

On the other side of the big lava pit, if you go left of the forge, you can find the Splint Mould.

Alternatively, way back at the first jump you made and found the longsword mould, you can use the nearby lever system to ferry across to the Dormitory level.

You can follow this level back towards the Nere tunnel collapse area to find a skeleton corpse next to the lever system with another Dark Justicar Mail and the Scimitar Mould.

(There may be some other things on the Dormitory level that require passive checks to find, sch as a weapon rack near the Shield Mould, and a crime scene on the highest level, using the iron ladder to the left of the dorms. Alas, I failed those checks.)

The locked room has a fight with some hellboars and a Merregon. He’ll drop a Merregon Halberd, and the chest has magic uncommon hand crossbow, Firestoker.

Going into the Fire Pit, you’ll find a Fire Elemental wandering around, agitating the lava. It wanders around somewhat slowly and seems to be passive? I recommend having Shadowheart prepare Create/Destroy Water here in case somewhere you need to jump to catchs fire.

On one of the islands there is an Adamantine chest that contains rare amulet, Sentient Amulet.

On one of the lower platforms, there is an uncommon weapon, Merregon Halberd.

Deliver Nere’s Head back to Soverign Spaw in the Mycoinid Colony to earn the rare amulet, Envoy’s Amulet.

If you installed Glut as Sovereign of the Myconid Colony, you will get a different item: Champion’s Chain.

Gymforge (Ancient Forge)

Using the forge requires one of the six moulds lying around the area, and a piece of Mithral Ore, of which there are two. Both obtainabl Mithral Ore chunks are relaively close to the forge, with one being on the level near the Teleportation Circle and the other being on the side path at the same level of the forge, behind an encounter with Magma Mephits.

There are six things you can make, all are rare. Keep in mind you can only make two (2), and you can make two of the same thing:

Adamantine Scale Mail

Adamantine Splint Armour

Adamantine Shield

Adamantine Longsword

Adamantine Mace

Adamantine Scimitar

When you’re ready, place your mold into the machine and your mithril into the crucible. Drop the hammer to descend, split your party, with one member at each circle, and SAVE YOUR GAME.

You’ll need to bring lava in to heat the metal, but doing so will alert Gyrm, the guardian of the forge, a boss with 300 HP and natural immunity to most damage types. Gyrm targets the last character who hit him. Use your party members around the forge to control his movement, keeping one at the lava valve and one at the lever to drop the hammer. Keep him “Superheated” with lava and position him underneath the center to deal significant damage. After defeating him, he’ll drop the rare Gyrmskull Helm.

Where’s the Whispering Promise?

Where’s the Whispering Promise?

The Whispering Promise is an uncommon ring with a fantastic effect and is known to be found in various locations:

  • Volo may have it. You can find him as a vendor in Druid Grove, loot it off him if he dies, or pickpocket him for it. He can be a bit inconsistent as a trader. Use the icons in the bottom left to trade with him in camp if you think he has it.
  • Grat the Goblin could be selling it. Check Goblin Camp above.
  • Roah Moonglow could be selling it. Look for him in Shattered Sanctum.
  • Brem could be selling it. Visit Zhentarim Hideout.
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  1. Important clarification about letting the vampire spawn live: if you have Oath of the Ancients, you will fall. If you have Oath of Devotion, killing them makes you fall. Not sure about Oath of Vengeance.

  2. Minthara post release is a Paladin. The cache with Fleetfingers is discovered from a map that sits on the desk in front of Minthara in the Shattered Sanctum.

  3. In the Cursed Battleground / Shadowlands area, I found Roland and the Gloomstrand Shield at -56, -116. The coordinates you have are still within the Last Light Inn area, but I ran into it closer to the most South West tip of the right half of the map, *just* South East of the Tollhouse.

  4. Couple things to mention:
    – You only get the infernal rapier if you have Wyll in your party.
    – There is a whole new trader with new items in Temple of Bhaal if you’re playing as Durge.

  5. For Gloves of Power you note uncertainty over what the flavour text indicates.
    “Absolute’s Bane” is conditional.
    The relevant piece of code is (Act 1 spoiler):
    IF(Tagged(‘BRANDED’,context.Source)):ApplyStatus(BANE,100,2,,,,not SavingThrow(Ability.Charisma,11))”
    This shows the special ability “Absolute’s Bane” only applies is the character has been branded as a follower of the Absolute.
    The Sleight of Hand boost applies regardless

  6. Act 3:
    Undercity ruins, just inside the entrance to the Bhaal temple but only during the challenge where there is a chaneller with power word kill (all the adds disappear forever once the main guy is dead), looted off Strangler Luke: Bonespike Gloves – Exoskeletal Reinforcement: Your attacks ignore Resistance to Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning damage.

    Also, you can throw Duke Ravengard’s items of the floor while controlling him during the escape to loot them and save him at the same time.

  7. There is at least one more item to add for Act 1, I got it pre-goblin camp. Ring of Evasion (purple text/very rare). Which, it is obtained through Choosing Gale as a pc, during his play through very early on, you receive this ring as a gift from your friend Tara.

  8. Lann Tarv has more items, especially when you convince Z’rell to give you access to personal stock.
    Shadow Lantern – use the ritual in a secret area in Balthazar room.

  9. You missed two gears in Shar’s Gauntlet:

    Justiciar’s Scimitar (Very Rare) – 6~11 Damage, 1d6+5 Slashing, Shadow-Binding: If you attack with Advantage, you have a chance to Blind your target. Weapon Enchantment +2. Weapon Actions: Backbreaker, Flourish, Shadowsoaked Blow (Short Rest) – 1d6+8 Slashing + 1d6 Psychic – “Strike an enemy, adding your Proficiency Bonus to the damage. Moreover, if the attack hits, it deals an additional 1~6 Psychic damage. This attack doesn’t break concealment.”

    Justiciar’s Greatshield (Rare) – +2 Armor, Item Reaction: Shield Bash, Item Class Bonus Action: Darkness Cloak (Short Rest) – 2m distance – Create a cloud of magical darkness and immediately attempt to Hide. – 2 turns

  10. I would add that Summon Scroll: Cheeky Quasit is in the underground cavern of the necromancer’s basement, in one of the coffins. You can have Gale learn the spell, then have another spellbased class learn the summon spell _also_. That second copy of the spell persists through class respeccing

  11. Could you mention that Auntie Ethel can give you a hair that increases one of your character’s ability scores by 1, if you don’t kill her when she tries to make a deal with you.

  12. For the hole you couldn’t interact with, you need the wizard’s Gaeous form spell. It lets you go through any holes/burrows that you find. It also lets you fly which is nice.

    • Thats a great method! You can also become small via disguise self (shapeshifter fane mask helps!) and THEN cast enlarge/reduce (reduce of course) to become size: Tiny.

  13. Pale Oak staff is only awarded if you are a druid. Maybe thats why you had a hard time finding it. There is a lot of special dialogue if you complete the Kagha redemption quest as a druid. You actually get the faithwarden badge added to your character. I guess it will come into effect later when dealing with druidic tribes.

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