Thronefall – Best Perk Load Out for Map 4 Quest E

The Best Perk Load Out in Order to Beat Map 4 Quest E

I used Royal Mint and Castle Fortifications for early game pressure and pushing into economy, and Glass Canon + bow for hero to burst initial waves + burst boss late game.

  • Wave 1 = Castle + 2 houses.
  • Wave 2 = Harbor + ranged attackers with aoe, gather them all and position them widely at bottom.
  • Wave 3 = Either upgrade castle or build 1 tower + 2 houses on the left, you can outrange the archers and kill them quite easily, just make sure you don’t die, if you do the run is kinda doomed and might need a reset.

From here your primary focus is building gold mine AND defending it, building the harbor to the left, upgrading the first harbor and building a LOT of troops so there’s no way your defenses or economy fall.

I used shielded melees and aoe archers only, aoe melees do barely no damage and can’t tank enough and aoe archers are very required to build a healthy defense and economy without losing too much units.

Melee resistance 2 + aoe towers at specific positions will win you the game

At boss just press ALT to focus on him and use special skill as much as possible

You can probably nail a win in 2-3 tries good luck!

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