BattleBit Remastered – Gadget Guide

Basic description of the various gadgets available.

Guide to Gadgets

Primary Gadgets

  • Binoculars

Hold right click to zoom.

  • Advanced Binoculars

Higher zoom.

  • Bino SOFLAM

Same higher zoom as Advanced Binocs, has a rangefinder.

  • Anti Personnel Mine

Placeable explosive. Explodes when an enemy walks over it or when shot.

  • Claymore

Placeable Explosive. Shoots out a tripwire when placed, detonates when the wire is touched or when shot.

  • C4

Throwable sticky explosives. Thrown with left click, detonated with right click or when shot/damaged. Will be drawn towards nearby surfaces like a magnet, can be stuck to vehicles. Will destroy structures like walls and most cover.

  • Repair Tool

Can partially repair vehicles. Both a primary and secondary gadget for engineer.

  • Suicide C4

Wearable Explosive. Click to detonate. May show up as having multiple uses in the ammo counter, this is purely a visual error.

  • M320 Smoke Grenade Launcher

Creates a smoke cloud when shot. Has a lot of bullet drop. Compared to a smoke grenade, the smoke puffs up instantly, has further range, and can carry more ammo for the launcher.“`

Secondary Gadgets

  • Air Drone

Can be flown remotely like a helicopter. Useful for scouting or delivering C4 stuck to it.

  • Grappling Hook

Deploys a rope when fired, climbable like a ladder. Visible firing arc, built in rangefinder. Rope can only extend downwards,.

  • Heavy Ammo Kit

Deployable ammo box. Refill ammo by holding F, then the key for what you want to refill.

  • Small Ammo Kit

Deployable ammo box. Refill ammo by holding F, then the key for what you want to refill. Holds less ammo.

  • Medic Kit

Left click to heal yourself, Right click for others. Can be thrown with X to let allies heal themselves, excellent if you have more than one med kit.

  • Pickaxe

Makes small holes in walls, for shooting through. Can also be used for melee.

  • Sledge Hammer

Makes big holes in walls, for moving through. Can also be used for melee.

  • RPGs

Different ammo types available, with or without the specialized PGO7 Scope. Ranging instructions for how to use the scope are shown in the menu. Use the top cross for 50 meters and closer. Use the numbers for shooting at range. Windage is not implemented. Use the grid for FRAG and HEAT, and the crosshair below for Tandem. Cannot use scope with night vision enabled.

  • FRAG – Infantry.
  • HEAT – Vehicles, infantry, & structures.
  • Tandem – Heavily armored vehicles (Tanks & IFVs). Less range, higher bullet drop.
  • Riot Shield

Bullet-proof shield. Blocks and restricts vision when held; vision is obscured & cant look as far up or down. Cannot prone.

  • Repair Tool

Can partially repair vehicles. Both a primary and secondary gadget for engineer.

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  1. Do ammo boxes regenerate? Or how can I get more? I always seem to run out of boxes as a support class…

    • Ammo boxes do not regenerate. You get more when you respawn. Also this guide should point out that the HEAT RPG is more effective against infantry than the frag one. The frag one is trash so don’t waste your time with it.

  2. I still can’t wrap my head around how ammo boxes from support class work – do they have a certain point limit allowing to shed out limited number of mags to people or do people use their own squad resources to take ammo from the box? Is there any benefit to small ammo boxes?

    • it doesnt take from squad points. each box has its own set of supply points, and those points are pooled among the weapon slots. eg it can only rearm so many grenades, but that wont stop it from refilling primary weapon magazines

  3. I’d been wondering what the difference was between the different binoculars in this game. I find it kind of silly that the Recon doesn’t have access to the SOFLAM considering it’s the only one with a rangefinder, and similarly silly that there’s a difference between regular and advanced binos. Maybe someday the devs will consider collapsing the types of binoculars, or maybe they have plans to add an actual lasing feature to the SOFLAM binos along with laser-guided missiles in the future, similar to BF4. Either way, I appreciate the guide and at least now I know there’s no special feature for the advanced binos that I’m missing out on lol.

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