BattleBit Remastered – How to Set Up FOBs/Spawnpoints

Brief guide on how to be a chad.

Guide to Set Up FOBs/Spawnpoints


The whole point of putting down a spawn beacon is to help get spawns closer to objectives so you can effectively move to any of the objectives that need attention.

In this guide I’ll give my own opinion on how best to do this.


Try to set up these spawn points when you have the advantage on a point with alot of friendlies. Otherwise you may get found and overrun, and that’s 200 squad points down the drain.

They usually won’t destroy your fortifications so you can retake, but we will discuss that later.


There are a couple of places to set these up such as in the dense thicket trees that no clip or inside of underground spots on certain places. I’ve even created a mini base from sandbags on the side of a cliff that was the main center of battle for the match. But for me, I personally like to go for buildings.

You want an easily defensible house that is two stories so that there is a spawner on the bottom and top if you coordinate with another SL. It should also be near other buildings/streets so that vehicles don’t snipe your building from long range.

Typically you want the spawner to be just outside of one point that is easy to get to quickly. You also will want to position it in the direction of two other points so that you can switch targets easily.

The location needs to be flexible, as a good defense point and a good rally point to push off of. If you control the center of the map with steady spawns from two squads you’ll dominate the other team.


So you’re going to want to build mainly with sandbags and have around 4-500 squad points.

You’re going to position them under any windows and you’re going to create a safety box around the spawner that’s two sandbags high. This will protect you guys when spawning.

You will create a passage way out of the house made of sandbag walls that leads to at most two exits, so you will want to take the stairs into account when building.

If there are any holes in the building already from damage, use the barrier construct as it blends in with the walls better and people don’t notice it as much. You can double stack most sandbags which will be your friend.

The whole point of building these is defense. You want to be able to have as many soldiers spread out and not taking fire as possible. Building outside of the base is encourage but if you go crazy it will attract attention. You want to build in a way that it’s easy to get inside of your base and out of it.

If your base and spawner end up getting destroyed, worry not. Those straight hallways in and out of the base and it’s simple design allow for easy bum rushes into it. With a sufficient force you can retake them, sometimes even solo, since most of the force rolls around like a giant wave and will move on from the point.


Now you have a general idea on how to set up for forward assault spawning. Good luck.

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