Battlefield 1 – How to Level Up Fast

Today we are looking at how to level up faster. There are a few things you can do to maximize the XP you are getting and I will show you them.

Guide to Level Up Fast

Game Mode (Conquest)

First of all you need to know which game mode you should play to obtain the most xp. That mode is Conquest.

The mode focuses on capturing and defending Control Points scattered around the map.

Note: Your main objective is capturing points A-B-C-D-E-F. Focus on it because for capturign you get a lot of xp.

Class (Medic, Support)

You should play the class you enjoy the most, but if you really want a lot of xp, then play Medic or Support. Why? Because with medic you will heal/revive your teammates and squadmates (more xp for squad members) and with support you will replenish their ammo.


Now have the option to join the squad (but sometimes squads are already full or leader is not giving orders). So I would recommend you to create your own sqaud, it will fill up in no time.

And what is squad good for?

First of all you can connect with your friends only and communicate with them, but thats not our case.

We need squad to get aditional xp points, by Healing/Reviving and Giving Ammo to its members.

Squad Order

And important part of squad is giving a Squad Orders (you simply aim your vision to map point and press Q).

Once you or your team capture the point you and your squad members will get bonus points for it.

Squad XP Boost

There is also a possibility that you have this in your inventory.

If that’s the case then you can use this boost in game and you will get 100% more xp for a certain time.

You can activate it in game by choosing this option.

Weekly Medals

Medals are always available for the whole week, for which you get quite a lot of xp.
Some of them are quite difficult to fulfill and some, on the other hand, are quite easy.
At the beggining always look at the ones you can do and focus on them.


There is also the option that once you see an enemy, you can mark them for a limited time by pressing the Q key.

By spotting enemy you mark him on friendly minimap.

If your teammate kills him, you get an extra 25 points, when its your squadmate then you get 50 points).

You might think it’s not enough points, but believe me, in a whole match, if you do it maybe twenty times, it will count.


If you’ve read this far, then thank you very much and I hope you find it at least a little helpful.

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