Bear and Breakfast – How to Build Level 2 Bedrooms

If you have no idea how to do it, and think no more quests apart from this one, no places to visit too then this guide is for you.

Guide to Build Level 2 Bedrooms

Useful Tips

Continue onto completing quests in the Motel A24 area.

You’ll eventually be asked to create rooms in the Motel and invite guests. Guests will want bathrooms – ignore it and invite them anyways.

After inviting them your next quest will be to build bathrooms and it will give you the blueprints to do so.

Then after this quest, the Shark shop will update with Level 2 bedroom blueprints.

Important Note

There will be other missions which seem pretty much impossible at first.

That’s basically a hint that you need to unlock more blueprints, which means focusing on story quests.

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