Beneath Oresa – Companions Explanatory Guide

Companions Mechanic Explanation


In regular card battlers, a companion plays with you in the battler sequence. Like, you play some cards, the companion plays some and then it’s the enemies turn.

Beneath Oresa

Within this game, this is not the case.

Your selected companion gives you some additional passives and/or perks called Abilities. These are shown when you select your companion. The number of abilities that apply depend on how good your relationship is with that particular companion.

After each battle you are given some choices to enhance. This might be a card upgrade, healing, but can also be an increase in the companion’s relationships level.

When the choice contain multiple upgrades it is possible that a decrease of relationship is part of the set. So you might get to upgrade two of three of your cards and get to pick an additional card. This enormous upgrade will often come along with a decrease of one or two relationship points. This is a tough trade-off and should not thoughtlessly be made.

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