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Marketing Explained

Marketing affects the promotion index, which is comprised of both Marketing and Traffic, 2% of marketing is 1% on the promotion index, so if you have 70 traffic, you want 60% marketing to reach max effectiveness.

Depending on the business type it can make a dent, in a jewelry store even one more customer can bring in thousands of dollars. Fast food businesses and cafes don’t typically need it because they always meet building capacity (or at least, mine always have), but it can stabilize your customers per hours and bring in an extra few over all during your weaker hours.

Law firms mainly struggle due to demand and competitors in the district in my experience, I use marketing to provide a slight boost, I am pretty sure this works but I don’t really pay attention anymore.

It isn’t broken, it’s just not always necessary and trying it out and seeing if it works for your business is something you have to do when setting up your new businesses. Keep in mind the weekend gets more customers too, so it’s not as accurate as a measure if you compare weekdays to it.

For example

I disabled my 3k in marketing and my 29 customers hourly went down to like 16 (19 on some days) and my net profits dropped by like 30k.

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