Big Ambitions – How to Maximize Profits

Hey everyone, I thought I would create a practical guide to help those starting out in the game on how to help maximize their time and profits.

Guide to Maximize Profits

All credit goes to Qester!

Maximize Store Hours

Once you get settled with 2 or 3 businesses it is time to open your stores 7 days a week / 24 hours a day. You will certainly increase your total visits a day. You are already paying rent daily, so do not limit yourself to being open only 8 or 10 hours. The additional hours will be minimal in terms of staffing fees in the overall picture.

Human Resources Is Your Friend

Seriously this will save you a ton of time and money. The role of human resources is 2 fold – first they will replace people if they call in sick which is a nice bonus. the better thing is at maximum skill they will passively train up to 25 other employees in their primary skill every single day. No more sending people on $300 a day training seminars! The best part, the human resource officers can passively train each other, I currently have 10 HR reps and it is a blessing!

Set Routine Goals

Currently my goal is to open 2 new businesses a week. On Monday I take a look at the four districts, see what type of commodity is in demand as well as how many competitiors there are. Find one where a few of the same objects in one store are at 80% or higher demand with no or minimal competition in an area. Once located purchase a location, call the office depots and ikea to get delivers set up, call the employee agency to find 10 customers services and a few cleaners in 1 day and get things moving.

Review, Review, Review

As I mentioned above Monday is the day where I initiate my plan for the week, Sunday is where I review my current shops. I take the time to see how price adjustments from the previous week have impacted my business, ensure everyone has a uniform, ensure marketing is close to 100% as possible. One important thing is traffic, it seems like a ‘healthy’ graph if checking on Sunday is a V shaped graph, buisness generally declines mid week and then peaks again on the weekend, so if you see a V shape to your business things are looking good….if not check any changes you’ve made (e.g. price changes) as you may need to revert.

Gamble, Gamble, Gamble

Once you have a net worth of 10+ million the casino is certainly worth going to, it will increase your happiness and it is easy to make money. I use the ‘doubling’ blackjack method where I will double my bet every time I lose. E.g. first bet 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 80,000, 160,000, 320,000, 640,000, 1,280,000, 2,560,000 etc… any time you win a hand doing it this way you will always win your starting bet (e.g. 10,000 overall) I usually do this with a starting bet of 50,000 and can quickly make a million or so over the course of a night….. be cautious to make sure your bank role is big enough — I have certainly gotten up to the 2+ million dollar bets, if you can’t keep doubling you lose everything.

Selecting the Right Business

This question is often asked, what business should I open? And the answer is always… it depends…. what is in demand, what buildings are available, what locations are those buildings in etc… For some context the numbers… My Jewelry store did 1.1 million in profit in the last 7 days, a second jewelry store is around 250-300k a week… My gift shop is around 250k a week, where as my liquor store is doing around 100k a week.. Obviously it depends on the size of the store, foot traffic and location – focus more on selecting:

  1. In Demand.
  2. Large Buildings.
  3. With good foot traffic and regardless of the business it will be profitable.

Go to the Bank

No not Jensen Capital where the tutorial sends you the second bank, it has better investments, particularly the Asia Dynamic Industry investment (-2 to 10% return) which averages an 8% return which is excellent… Any capital you can’t invest into new business that week get invested, I typically keep my funds around 1 million and invest the rest.

Stop Driving

It takes too much time to drive around after the early game, my advice is to just take a taxi everywhere to save yourself IRL time, obviously this is not the case if you are going for a min-max achievement run trying to hit 100million net worth in X amount of time, but for most players the taxi is the way to go.

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