BIGFOOT – Bigfoot Winter Park Locations and Bodies

This guide has most map locations and most body spawn locations and a bug to easily kill Bigfoot.


This is as many locations I could find. I haven’t gotten the achievement for all locations but I have spent a lot of time trying to find any I have missed.

Alexa Thorton Body Locations

Much like most of the bodies Alexa Thorton spawns near ski slopes. I have found two locations for her body. The two spawns are between Old Hunting Tower 4 and Shelter 1 or near the Ward Campground.

Daniel Robbins Body Locations

Daniel Robbins spawns near the Jane Creek Lodge. The three times I found his body they have all been there but I did not take a photo the first time.

Ethan Drake Body Locations

Ethan Drake spawns near the summit of the right mountain. The two times I found his body they have all been near the top.

Bug on How to Win

The Waterfall bug. This bug exploits the fact that Bigfoot doesn’t have the AI to get to people when they’re on a slightly elevated platform with a slope. He can damage you while holding a weapon but after he throws it his mapping will be bugged and he will stand next to you allowing you to shoot him until he either dies or runs away. He will not be in a glitched state so if you leave the spot he will still chase you. I recommend you get at least one med kit before doing this and make sure you have enough ammo to kill him.

Step 1 – Find the waterfall:

It will be on the right side of the map to the left of Old Hunting Tower 4.

Step 2 – Climb to the top of the waterfall:

Step 3 – Position yourself to fall on the rock near the bottom of the waterfall. You will not take fall damage:

This can be done in single player I haven’t tested how many people can sit here in multiplayer. I do not believe this would work in pvp.

Tips and Tricks

When using a zip line Bigfoot’s mapping will not register where you’re going to end up at so he will stay by the place you originally started to zip line from. If you use a signal flare, which makes it to where he cannot attack the zip line, you can keep jumping back and forth and he will forever be chasing you til the morning. This can be abused and if you’re with friends they can attack Bigfoot if he is targeting you.


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