Bladers: Rebirth – Beginners Guide (with Builds)

New Players Guide

Meta Sets Builds

Meta Ranked #1: Draphon ATK (Attack Stam) Build

  • Spirit: Dragon (duh).
  • Stat Ratio: 10% speed THEN either 60% attack 40% stam or 70% attack 30% stam adjust accordingly to your opponent/the meta!
  • Parts: All Atron (Spider cheaper alternative and works better than with on glass).
  • Fragment: Siphon or DS if you’re broke.
  • Very friendly for new AND pro players!

Meta Ranked #2: Glass Build

  • Spirit: Glass (duh)
  • Stat Ratio: 10% speed THEN 70% Attack 30% Stam (Btw an estimate but would like help from a glass user to determine this).
  • Parts: All Atron (Spider cheaper alternative but not recommended).
  • Fragment: Dragon Strike or Chains.
  • Recommended for only higher leveled players/PROS with powerful parts!

Meta Ranked #3: Draphon STM (Full Stam) Build

  • Spirit: Dragon (ofc) do not use buddha full stam build you need siphon for chip DMG.
  • Stat Ratio: 10% speed (or more if D1 Runner) THEN rest all stamina!
  • Parts: Angel Top/Mid BUT Dragoon Bottom for Whirlwind (2 healthy + 1 range for siphon if richer) (Anything can be cheaper alternative but don’t recommend making this build until late game with more stat points which is why it’s #3 and not #2)!
  • Fragment: Parry or Blizzard .

Meta Ranked #4: Defense Build

  • Spirit: Unbreakable (or Templar if poor).
  • Stat Ratio: 10% speed THEN 70% defense and 30% stamina!
  • Parts: Spectre Top (for gravity), Titan Middle, and Titan Bottom.
  • Fragment: DS or Chains (use after alt angle) or Parry/Regen.

Sets I don’t recommend:

  • Speed Build (Unless you’re a d1 runner and troll).
  • Buddha Full Stam (Draphon is just way better how you ever killing anyone).
  • Defense Draphon (Please don’t) this is the meta rn.

Explaining Traits

How to Acquire Them:

Traits are randomly rolled every time you roll for a Beyblade part.

  • Common: 50%
  • Uncommon: 20%
  • Rare: 5%
  • Legendary: 1%

What Do They Do:

Traits give many types of buffs.

  • Common: Agile, Tanky, Healthy, and Strong.
  • Uncommon: Turbo.
  • Rare: Enchanted, Range, Piercing, Critical, and Training.
  • Legendary: Powerful and Resistance.

Explaining Auras


  • Georgiano: Bubble
  • Annelise: Lightning
  • Alejandro: Fire
  • Tower: Blood, Limit Breaker, Venom
  • BP: Shadow, Astral, Nebulous Vampire
10% Stat boost Auras: - Flame - Lightning - Bubble - Shadow
20% Stat Boost Auras: - Shadow - Blood - Astral
30% Stat Boost Auras: - Nebulous Vampire - Limit Breaker - Venom King

Combining 3 of the same tier auras gives you the next tier.

Crystals & Legendary Beyblades

What do crystals do?

Crystals apply the status Legendary to a Beyblade.

What is Legendary?

Legendary gives your Beyblade a 50% stat boost.

How do I obtain a crystal?

Crystals spawn in servers every few hours (2-3).

How do I use a crystal?

A crystal can be viewed in your inventory. If you click on it and your equipped Beyblade does not have Legendary, using the crystal will apply it.


Hoverboards are used to increase your travel speed. They can be activated by pressing E after equipping in your inventory. They can be obtained in the B-Pit.

Faster Hoveroard:

Drip Hoverboards:

Can be obtained in the Battle Tower.

Upgrade Machine

Allows you to upgrade parts and fragments to higher tiers:

  • Having a trait adds a 1/3rd chance of passing on that trait.
  • Putting parts of different sets together gives each a 1/3rd chance of being upgraded.
  • Can also be used to fuse auras.

Boss Drops

  • Boss Badges: Each badge gives a 15% stat increase.

Boss Drops Include Skill Fragments and Auras.

Boss #1:

Boss #2:

Boss #3:

Boss #4:

Maps (Crystals, Bosses & Vending Machines)

Known Crystal Spawns

Click to enlarge…

Vending Machines


Area Levels

Black-Market NPC Location

Location #1:

Location #2:

Location #3:

Location #4:

Location #5:

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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