Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Renewal Cyrtarachne Grenade Spamming Hunter Build

Prismatic Hunter Build Guide

Please note, it’s rare to get a class item that has both Renewal and Cyrtarachne on it.

Guns of Note

Kinetic Slot

  • Bold Endings. Can run with Headstone and Demolitionist, and with facet of Ruin and Balance can charge up your grenade super well!
  • The Call is also a really good choice as it can also roll with Demo, and since it’s a special weapon it regenerates more grenade energy than Primary ammo weapons!

Energy Slot

  • Buried Bloodline, need to have the lightfall dungeon pass in order to obtain. This weapon is CRAZY good, and the main reason is the fact that it can grant Devour, which gives you even MORE grenade energy on kill, add that on to Demolitionist you can get your Duskfield back stupidly fast.
  • Brave Forbearance: Note that you need Demolitionist and Wellspring to really make this gun pop, but when you do it becomes the best option in granting grenade energy in a single shot, if you kill that is.

Power Slot

This build really focuses more on the first two slots so just use whatever you want for damage.


Winters Shroud for a practically instant freeze when enemies are inside Duskfield and Threaded Specter or Stylish Executioner for more survivability. For this build specifically I don’t like using Ascension, and I don’t want to use Gunpowder because I might throw it at my feet.

For Melee I like using Threaded Spike for how much Dark Energy it gives, but this build is very Dark Energy heavy so Knife Trick is a decent alternative.


I attached an image showing off my fragments, if you want to test something else than go ahead! The most important one is definetely Facet of Balance, and is a must have.

Note: All Prismatic Fragment Locations.

Attached as well are the mods I use, a lot of them are interchangable but you want to have at least one Innervation mod on, for some QoL if you’re having difficulties with kills.

I hope you found this helpful!

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