Bleach: Eternal Soul – Gift Codes

You’ll be fighting your way through the rebuilt BLEACH anime epic in Bleach Eternal Soul! You’ll be able to gather, combine, and level up all of the show’s familiar characters to form a powerful team. Take your newly created squad into battle against a variety of foes while attempting to progress through the story and elite mode on your path to the Battle Arena!

What are you doing here? You’re looking for the newest Bleach: Eternal Soul codes to receive some free in-game stuff. These freebies may be redeemed in-game and provide you with some useful bonuses.

List of Bleach: Eternal Soul Codes

BLEACH: Eternal Soul promo codes expire after a certain amount of time, so you’ll want to use them as soon as possible.

Active Codes

  • 1210ISSHIN – Free Gift Rewards
  • MRJQZ7OI – Free Gift Rewards
  • C5B73CJJ – Free Gift Rewards

Expired Codes

  • 9CR3NV88
  • 1015GANJU
  • 0909URURU
  • A12TL56Y
  • 0910GIN
  • 0908HACHI
  • 0903ORIHIME
  • 0831RENJI
  • 0828DORDONI
  • 0823KOMAMURA
  • GESH63JF
  • 0814SHUHEI
  • 4EY750VI
  • RCOBH7F7
  • IURE3J4P
  • 0731GRIMMJOW
  • 0730KENSEI
  • QO2WX9NZ
  • 0715ichigo
  • 0711KYORAKU
  • 48Y8QENI
  • BLEACHMonday
  • T3WSIO02
  • PW1EU6KQ
  • BLEACHFriday
  • BLEACH1month
  • GYJ10DA5
  • 88NHINIQ
  • 0603HINAMORI
  • H35T22C9
  • 3ZFS2E6X
  • W8S7LFYN
  • 6NSBPV7P
  • A7RBU2MV
  • F145XT1M
  • 09HBU1HH

How to Redeem Bleach: Eternal Soul Codes

Look for the Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen to redeem codes in BLEACH Eternal Soul. At the bottom of this menu, click the Redeem option. Copy and paste a code from the list above into the textbox exactly as it appears. To obtain the reward, simply press the Yes button.

How Do I Get More Bleach: Eternal Soul Codes?

On the BLEACH: Eternal Soul official Facebook page, you may discover codes as soon as they are released. So be sure to come back often to see what fresh codes we’ve lately put up!

Please let us know in the comments if you have found any codes that aren’t on our list.

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